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When they name it "Superboost", there is some truth in advertising there. Yikes.

I took the opportunity when Simply Be had a 60% off everything sale to order a bikini:
Perhaps it would be somewhat less, er, superboosting if it came in a 40D, but 38DD is the top of the available range.

To forestall the expected: no, there are not now nor will there be any photos anytime soon.
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It was a gorgeous day today, so what did I end up doing with it? Sleeping solidly from a little after 5 AM (hooray reflux!) until around 9:30 or so, when the cat started stomping on my head and chewing on my hand. (Better the hand than last weekend's stunt of chomping on my ear to make me get up and feed him.) Another half hour of broken sleep while I tried to hit the snooze button on a hungry cat, then up for good. Showered and started to get ready to go out to [ profile] ka_crow's reading at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, sat down on the couch...and proceeded to sleep like the dead from about 1 PM to a little after 4:30. Did not see the poetry reading, did not do any housecleaning, did not do any laundry, did not clean out the fridge and/or go grocery shopping yet. So yeah, a productive day. =( Now I've got about two hours of work I have to get done for tomorrow morning because I couldn't stand to stay in the office after 7:45 on Friday night; at least I can start some laundry while I'm doing that. Assuming, that is, that I don't fall asleep again; it's looking pretty tempting at the moment.

10-second commentary: "In the Name of the King", despite having nearly everybody in the world in it, is so terrible that it wraps back around into awesome. In contrast to "Transporter 3", Jason Statham doesn't take off his shirt even once, at least not that I noticed--and I like to think I would've. (I read a quote someplace once about how Statham can act, he just doesn't generally have to.) To be fair, it's an Uwe Boll movie and I didn't exactly expect "Citizen Kane", but sheesh.
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I didn't call Chris Carter to the stand in order to demand my money back, but I think that's because I only paid $1 to see it. [Edit: Huey expands upon the theme.]

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That stuff reviewers said about Heath Ledger being really, REALLY good? It's all true.
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I think it can be summed up with a line from the movie: "People are dying. We need guns."

Plenty of bad acting from the humans, although some of that could well be due to stellar dialog like the above. The Predator is kickass, of course.
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Ooooooooh, pretty! Also, fun to see with like-minded geeks on the big screen. "THE WOMEN!"

They're cleaning up and remastering TOS for an HD DVD release, and in the process they replaced lots of the old effects shots with brand-spankin'-new CGI. It wasn't like the whole "I can finally realize my VISION! Screw all y'all! Muahahahaha!" Star Wars thing; they just updated the original effects to take advantage of current technology. Han still shot first. ;) It looks good.

You know, this flowchart pretty well sums up the last couple of weeks. I gotta get focused. That latter would be immensely easier if the #$% sun would ever come out; I'm so done with this dark and overcast thing.
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Painfully funny. Emphasis on the "painful". It is absolutely ASTOUNDING what people will say on camera.

As the reviewer for the Rocky Mountain News puts it:
"Don't see Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan if you're easily offended by . . . Never mind, the list is so long I might bust the paper's newsprint budget if I elaborate." Given that he stayed in character the whole time and that most people were apparently not in on the joke, I'm impressed that Sacha Baron Cohen made it out of some of these places without serious bodily injury.
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It's been a while since I've seen a movie where I hated almost every character involved. Not to say I hated the movie, mind you -- just nearly every character in it.

One of the ones I didn't hate: David Bowie as Tesla. Squee!
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*wipe tears*

Plot was beyond stupid (cheese on a big screen, but who's going to see this movie for the plot? ) but surprisingly (intentionally) funny, and Samuel L. Jackson was, well, Samuel L. Jackson. Parseltongue, motherf***er, do you speak it?! Tonight was definitely the crowd to see it with, what with the pre-movie chanting, running commentary, and cheering throughout the whole thing.

So very worth it. XD

And for reference: safety instructions in the event of snakes on a plane, or perhaps raccoons on a space shuttle.
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Full of awesome.

What a great show! It was just him and the drummer, no opening act, and they played for just around two hours. There were a few songs from his new 80s covers CD, which naturally made me happy. His chatter during the show was pretty funny; the people behind me who kept up a loud running conversation through most of the show were not nearly as amusing.

The great thing about IOTA is that it's a very small venue. The bad thing about IOTA is that it's a very small venue. The only reason I didn't pass out was because I was wedged right up next to the side of the stage and the front door, so I got a bit of a breeze. [ profile] also_huey reminded me of a good trick to keep in mind if you're not determined to get right up on the stage and be a drooling fan, which is to sit at the bar in the restaurant where you can hear everything without having to pay the cover. Perhaps I'll try that trick for the John Eddie show, especially if the cute bartender happens to be working again.
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Well, there's two and a half hours of my life that I'll never get back. As [ profile] nminusone put it, "What it lacked in quality it made up for in quantity".

Also? Words I never thought I'd hear come out of my mouth in a serious manner: "Damn, the Phil Collins-having version of that song is so much better."
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Wow, was I not prepared for a whole honkin' lot of that. I'm not sure if Kevin Smith could even see the line of good taste from where he was standing when he made this film. XD Good times.
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Completely mediocre.

Wait, that's not even 10 seconds. Okay, expanding on that: way too much "fudge swirl" (bleah), the "hint" of cinnamon is completely undetectable, and there's nothing even remotely resembling chile in it. It's okay chocolate ice cream, but it's not even close to what I was hoping for.

Speaking of mediocre, I'm thinking tonight might be an okay time to go see Tokyo Drift. I haven't seen either of the previous two movies, but I'm pretty sure there's nothing resembling a backstory I need to know. ;) I harbor exactly zero illusions that there's anything like a coherent plot, I'm going to see it to watch the drifting. (I'm thinking of maybe using the free tickets we got from the local swank theater when a bulb on a projector burned out 15 minutes into "Poseidon", assuming we can on opening weekend. Even with the eye candy, I'm sure "free" is about the right price for this flick.) [Edit: It's not showing at the place we have free tickets, and it was completely sold out at the theater we went to, so it was "Nacho Libre" instead.]

[ profile] nminusone, you wondered how bad it would be? Apparently they do a Skyline GT-R conversion on a '67 Mustang fastback in one evening. *cough*
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10-second commentary on "Doom":

It rivals Dyson in sucking power. ;) (But there are lots of opportunities to ogle the utterly yummy Karl Urban, so it's not a complete waste.)
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It was as entertaining as I expected it to be.

Extended commentary: There were some really funny lines. It wasn't *good*, but it wasn't as terrible as, say, "Van Helsing", which went so far past bad that it headed back into good territory...and then kept on going back towards bad again. You need to not think about things too closely though, or else you'll want to yell at the screen.

There was a teaser trailer for "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", supposedly coming in May. From Disney. There was also a preview for "Son of the Mask", to which I say, "Why, God, WHY did you have to let Alan Cumming and Ben Stein be in that movie??" Alan Cumming as Loki, and at least a cameo from Ben Stein. Damnit. If it weren't for that, I'd have been able to safely ignore it and now I have to at least cringingly consider renting it.
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...and co-starring Chasing Amy's Jason Lee as the Heat Miser!
no, really! )
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Spellcheck and proofreading are your friends. Really.

"Diety". Sheesh. (It's not a one-off, it's spelled that way consistently.) And I think I remember seeing "weaponary" appear in there somewhere as well.


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