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"a mini-biography about yourself that will show up on your user-info page"

Oh, is that not what they meant? How about this then:

Cathy is not only highly suggestive but also exceedingly useful in manipulations involving integrals. (Thank you, Google.)

Me? I'm really bad at the "tell me about yourself" sort of thing. Really bad (unless I'm answering a specific question I'm asked). I suppose one way to sum myself up would be: "30-something chick who sort of fell into web work by accident and couldn't get up, Kinsey 2-ish, polyamorous, childfree (I make a fine aunt, probably not so much a great mother), a mixture of cynic and hopeless romantic, tattooed and prone to turning her hair various unnatural colors, fond of fluff but also highly appreciative of thoughtful discourse, with a large and eclectic music collection".

I am not a morning person (in much the same way that the stars are not fruit-bats) -Neil Gaiman

I don't check my userinfo page on a regular basis, so if you've added me as a "friend" and I haven't reciprocated it doesn't necessarily mean anything other than that I haven't noticed yet. Also, if I remove someone it has nothing to do with my assessment of your worth as a human being. Really. It's more a reflection of a need for better time management on my part. There's no need to ask if it's okay to add me to your reading list if for some unfathomable reason you find what I'm saying interesting. I occasionally add people I run across via friendsfriends or a community; you should feel absolutely no obligation to reciprocate by adding me to your own reading list unless you actively want to.

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