Jul. 7th, 2014

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Wow, I hadn't realized it had been three months since my last post. Still mostly posting short stuff over on Facebook; user info is in my contact sticky post at the top of my journal.

Things have been happening lately, I just haven't felt up for writing about them. One bright spot is that The Boy and I adopted a dog. Her name is Keira and she's a roughly two and a half year old pitbull mix. Fifty pounds of joyful doggie love who adores her people and wants to be wedged up against them at all times. Unfortunately, she also tries to eat absolutely everything and she's currently at Southpaws animal hospital because late on the night of July 4 she got into my purse and ate two rolls of Tums (tin foil wrapper and all), chewed on pretty much everything else in there, and apparently consumed some unknown quantity of Advil that was in the bottle she chewed the top off of. She's been in hospital since Saturday afternoon, and will be there at least through tomorrow. I'm pretty worried, since she appears to be getting worse as time goes on, and my anxiety disorder isn't allowing me to stop thinking that if I had just put my purse on the counter like I usually do instead of on the chair, my dog would be okay. :-/

In a display of terrible timing, The Boy is off in Texas for work this week, so I'm home alone and get to deal with the dog crisis for the rest of the week mostly by myself.

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