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I haven't pulled an all-nighter in a very long time. I wish I hadn't broken that streak today, to be honest. At least there's something resembling sunshine, and I got to be thankful that I'm not taking 66 East for my commute, since it was jammed even at 5:45 AM. Also, I have an hour and a half before anyone else thinks about showing up in the office, so I can crank up the music without headphones. Small favors. Very small.

Halp. Send moar coffee.


Feb. 23rd, 2007 09:04 am
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One day, I'd really love to be able to get more than four hours of sleep a night again. Let's see how much of the day I make it through before I concede defeat and go try to nap.
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Next time I think it's a good idea to have a grande cinnamon dolce latte at 4 in the afternoon mid-week, remind me again why exactly that is such a very bad idea. Oh, for the days when I could have caffeine 10 minutes before bed and be out like a light.

I think my grand plan to be in the office by 9 again today has been (double-) shot to hell. D'oh.
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It's 0700 on the first workday post-Christmas, and I've been in the office for 45 minutes already. I have had breakfast, have M.I.A.'s "Arular" turned way up, and have already answered all the email that came in since 4 PM last Friday that I'm responsible for, edited a few web pages and kicked off a stats-generating run.

Let's hear it for insomnia, eh?

Last night Chris dragged me out of the house finally (I hadn't left it since Saturday afternoon) to go to the BR holiday social, and then we spent a few hours after we got home sprawled on the couch watching the DVRed episodes from Monday night's "Venture Brothers" marathon. I think I probably slept for about half an hour or so, and around 5 I realized that even if I did go back to sleep, I'd sleep right through my 8:30 alarm and figured that I might as well head in to the office and make a pot of coffee. I've just got to make it 'til around 2:30 or so and it'll all be good.

(The "wishlist" icon has nothing to do with this post, but I forgot I had it and wanted to use it while it was still almost timely.)


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