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If you happen to take a 28" or a 32", ASOS has a Vollers underbust corset in their outlet for $81. They also offer, I believe, a free shipping option to the States.
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Found via LinkedIn, the only thing I know about it is what's in the job listing.

WEBMASTER, Media Lab, to be responsible for process management, technical development, and quality assurance; and for harnessing new technologies to ensure that the Media Lab is at the forefront of web-based services for both public access and internal information management. Will oversee the day-to-day needs of the entire web system and develop site plans, schedules, documentation, and site maintenance. This includes leading the development and testing of architecture and design concepts and templates; installing, customizing, and maintaining content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress or their up-to-date equivalents; designing, developing, and testing new web pages, programs, and/or templates; monitoring the site for problems and fixing broken links; installing marquees and other new content; developing and maintaining a system for web-based databases; designing web applications such as those for events registration; and ensuring that the lab's servers and pages are instrumented for analytics and preparing periodic and on-demand reports as needed. Will also collaborate with the lab's communications and systems staff and be accountable for deliverables that ensure coordination, consistency, and timeliness of content; and assist in identifying and serving as interface with vendors/consultants as needed.

REQUIREMENTS: a minimum of three years' experience creating, maintaining, and extending complex, heavily-customized Drupal websites; excellent HTML, Photoshop, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP skills; and knowledge of cross-browser compatibility issues and familiarity with AJAX techniques and libraries. B.A. in computer science and/or communications preferred. Must be well-versed in web design fundamentals, especially with a user-centric focus, and have solid understanding of information architecture principles. Experience with web analytic tools also needed. MIT-00007063
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If you're a Lorac makeup fan, HauteLook is having a blowout sale today: among other things, there are eye shadows and lipsticks for $4, lip gloss for $3, various palettes for 65%+ off.
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Some friends are looking for a tenant for their basement apartment in Bethesda, MD. Furnished accommodations include separate entrance, bedroom, private bath, living room (shared only with washer and dryer), and shared kitchen. $900 per month includes utilities, cable, wireless internet.  If you're interested, ping me and I can put you in touch with them.
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King Towing in Fairfax, VA. One of the few pleasant experiences I've ever had with a towing company. They showed up within an hour after I'd called them, the driver was friendly, and the whole process was quick and efficient. A 20-mile tow cost me around $120 plus a tip, which is cheaper than I'd expected. Car is stashed in my office parking lot for the time being, where based on historical evidence it should be fine for at minimum several months (until somebody comes in, fixes it up, and steals it, but that's a story for another time).
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[ profile] serolynne and [ profile] radven are heading to Las Vegas for the next month to volunteer for the Obama campaign, and are looking for a safe spot to park their trailer for that month. Any of y'all have or know someone who has a spot that might fit the bill?
Does anyone know anyone in Las Vegas who might be able to offer us a flat, safe, space to park for a month? Side yards, drive-ways, back lots, commercial parking lots, etc. We're solar powered (don't need electrical), would mostly just be sleeping there and perhaps occasional access to real showers and laundry.

If you've got any leads, please leave a comment on Cherie's post.

[Edit: A later post says they're instead heading up to Carson City.]
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Open full-time, permanent positions include Web Designer and Developer, Senior Perl Programmer, and Product Photographer. There's also a temporary 6-month customer service position open. All are located in the Fairfax office. (I don't work for ThinkGeek or, to the best of my knowledge, know anyone who does. Just thought some of y'all might be interested or know someone else who is.)
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I currently have three extra lawn tickets for Thursday's performance of the comic oratorio "Not the Messiah" with Eric Idle, and I figured I'd offer them to my f-list before I put them up on Craig's List on Tuesday afternoon. For y'all, I'll give them to you for the $10 each that I paid for them (currently priced at $20 each) and eat the service charge. Leave a comment here or email me at my @lj email address if you want 'em, and we'll work out payment and ticket hand-off logistics.
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[ profile] tenacious_snail has a Burning Man ticket for sale. If you find yourself in need of one, details are over here.
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If anybody in the LA area is willing to adopt one or more adult cats, please either drop a line to [ profile] oletheros or contact me and I'll pass along your info. He & his wife need to find homes for 8 adult cats ASAP.

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Bay Area folks: a non-LJ-enabled friend of mine is unable to use his ticket to see Billy Bragg tomorrow night, and is willing to sell it for $20 (face value is $26.50 plus fees). If you're interested, let me know and I can put you in touch with him.
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For both positions there's this note: Successful candidates will join the development team in Boston, MA. Candidates should be willing to commit to work through the election in November. This is a salaried position. Housing assistance may be available for those not located in the Boston area. Apply at the links below.

Web developer position:
Desired experience:
  • At least 5 years of professional web development experience
  • A deep understanding of LAMP development processes and best practices
  • Experience building complex applications using PHP and MySQL
  • Advanced or expert CSS, Javascript, and AJAX skills

Network security expert:
Desired experience:
  • 3+ years experience in security field or as a security specialist
  • A deep understanding of LAMP development processes and best practices Current knowledge of the state of the Internet security landscape
  • Proven history of security policy development and implementation
  • Proven experience implementing security solutions in clustered, loadbalanced web hosting environments
  • Experience with both free and commercial firewall and VPN products
  • 3+ years experience maintaining UNIX/Linux systems
  • Project plan development and implementation
  • Knowledge of routing, switching, and VPN technologies
  • Experience configuring networking equipment, including routers, switches, and firewalls
  • A willingness to respond off‐hours to high urgency security situations
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Happy Cat can has full-time .NET developer? They make no mention of also needing to know LOLcode. Also they want part-time interns for what sounds like other duties as assigned.
All positions are based out of Lower Queen Anne in Seattle, WA.

(We pay in American Dollars, which may be converted to cheezburgers. So we hear.)
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PaperBackSwap is looking for a PHP/MySQL web developer; catch is that you'd have to be willing to relocate to Rome, GA.
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LibraryThing's still looking to fill MySQL DBA/sysadmin and PHP developer positions, now with an added "we'll look at people outside of Portland/Boston/New England" feature.
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LibraryThing is hiring; looking for a sysadmin/MySQL DBA and a PHP developer within driving distance of Portland, ME or Cambridge, MA.
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I've got some stuff I intend to post on eBay, but I figured I'd give y'all first crack at anything you might want. These photos were quick snapshots on my way out the door this morning; I can try and get better photos of stuff tonight if you want, just let me know. Shipping isn't included in the prices, contact me and we can figure out what it will cost to get it from me to you; I generally charge actual shipping costs.

Delicious Corsets Chatterley overbust 36", worn I think three times. Should fit 38"-42", depending on how tight you want to lace. (This style on a model) I paid $400, it now retails at $440. I'm going to set my reserve at $250. (*sniffle*)

Blue velveteen Gallery Serpentine back-lacing Victorian 30". [Tentatively claimed.] Should fit 32"-36", depending on how tight you want to lace; I would say probably 32"-34" would work best. Back lacing only, no front busk. I bought this back when everything they offered online was made-to-measure and I'm the textbook definition of an apple/oval shape, so it will probably fit best if you've a similar shape and not an hourglass to start out with. (But hey, lacing and reasonably adjustable.) Again, worn maybe two or three times. Currently selling for US$155; reserve will be $70.

Reaction by Kenneth Cole Mary Jane wedges, size 7.5. Bought new and are completely unworn, because I'm a 7.5-8 and these pinch a bit. 7-7.5 should be good though. $15.

Pearl white 8i Doc Martins, women's UK 5. Unworn. Reserve will be $50.

Muro "Killer" platform boots. I think they're a women's 7, but they run large and they fit me just fine at 7.5 (although I wouldn't wear really thick socks with them). In much better condition than they appear from this quick snapshot, only worn a few times. Size zippers, front lacing, padded front panel with four buckles, 3" platform soles. For shipping purposes, I'll point out that these puppies are kind of heavy. I paid over $200 for these new, and Muro has since gone out of business, at least as far as I can tell. I'll set reserve at $120.

No photos currently, but I have a pair of size 18 pleather pants that I bought from someone on my f-list a while back. I like them, but they don't fit me well enough to be flattering and I'd like to see them go to a good home instead of hanging in my closet. $20.

I need to make sure it's cleaned off, but I'm also ditching my old cellphone and accessories. There's nothing wrong with it, I just decided to upgrade to a SYNC. It's an unlocked quad-band Motorola V635; I used it with Cingular with no problems by just popping in my existing SIM. I had a bit of an issue for a while finding the correct data network settings for Cingular, but never had any issues at all with the voice service. It's apparently from Singapore and if you need to SMS in Chinese, you're all set. ;) (Everything's also available in English, no worries.) It comes with a charger (and an adapter for US use) and a car charger, and I'm throwing in an extra travel charger, a USB cable and a copy of Motorola Phone Tools for transferring files to and from the phone. With the cable/Phone Tools/extra charger it ran me about $200, I'll probably post it for $120.


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