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So, today:

  • One four-hour dental appointment
  • A discovery that it takes me a fair amount of time to actually get numbed up.
  • Two root canals
  • One really unpleasant reaction to most likely the nitrous. Ugh.
  • And at the end, a bonus: "We probably just didn't want to overwhelm you when we set up the $4800 treatment plan for these two teeth which were the most urgent, but here, have this new treatment plan that involves three more crowns, two fillings, and another $5000 billed entirely to you since your insurance maxed out long ago not far into today's treatment. But you can spread these procedures out." Huzzah.
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Which is worse: the jumpsuit, or the ad copy?

Oh yes, there's more.
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o_O O_o
I got nothin'.

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For those of you that I've ever had any Gmail contact with, is Google Talk sending out requests on my behalf that I don't know about?  I just got some notifications via Trillian about responses that I don't recall having sent out. o_O

Possibly related:  WOOHOO! No phone in picture since phone was used to take said picture.

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Found in comments on Dr. Jeff Masters' blog: apparently someone was wandering the beach in Galveston wearing a bear suit. Buh?

On a more serious note, folks in Biloxi, who post-Katrina know exactly what kind of damage a storm surge can do, have a message for people who are sure they'll be perfectly fine riding out Ike and its surge on Galveston Island: Get out. Seriously.
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One ticket for James McMurtry with Justin Townes Earle at the Birchmere via Ticketbastard:

       Ticket Price
       US $25.00

       Convenience Charge
       US $7.45

       Building Facility Charge
       US $1.50

Screw that, I'm just going to buy it at the box office next time I go visit the boyfriend. The service charge there is only $3.50

PS - Huey, you and [ profile] utterlyjaded wanna?
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Are you thinking of using G-Archiver (which I am not going to link to) to back up your Gmail account? Don't, unless you don't mind having someone collect your login info. Really, why would you pay $30 for this program anyway instead of setting up Thunderbird or your mail client of choice and just using POP or IMAP to download everything?

(via Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror)
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I got a piece of marketing mail at home yesterday offering me a subscription to MORE Magazine, "the magazine for women over 40 who love to act their age". That's great and all, except I'm not over 40. I'm also not 40 now, nor am I turning 40 particularly soon. Let's not even start on the "acting my age" bit. ;)

At least it wasn't something offering me an AARP membership. Yet.
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Child's French Maid costume.

Maybe it's just me getting old and all (You kids get off my lawn!), but who exactly thinks it's a good idea for their preteen child to go trick or treating in a French maid outfit?
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From [ profile] jrittenhouse's post about some of the delightfully odd things found in the Telegraph obituary columns:

"David Muffett, who has died aged 88, applied the skills he had honed when dealing with cannibals in colonial Africa to battling education ministers and teaching unions in his role as chairman of Hereford and Worcester County Council education committee."

Also, from the obituary for Susan Elliott, a comment about her late husband (who seems to be the real subject of the column): "Back in Ibiza, his affairs continued, his taste running to the exotic, including Chinese waiters, Moroccan gigolos, Spanish garage attendants, Barbadian shop assistants, even a hunchbacked Haitian dwarf."

Which leads tangentially to today's xkcd: Hey, I don't make the rules.
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truebrideconfessions seems to attract some of the whiniest, most spoiled, "IT'S MY DAY AND I'M A F'ING PRINCESS" bitches. Some current selections (cut and pasted, all mangled spelling courtesy the original posters):
The closer and closer I get to the wedding, the more and more angry I get with my parents. My fiance is paying for almost the whole thing. We are very disappointed with the lack of support from my parents. They had over four years to save for our wedding. They didn't make any sacrifices for me like so many parents do to give their daughters a wedding. The could afford to give us $8,000-$10,000 if they didn't live such a frivolous life style.

I think the resent me for leaving them. They better never expect me to take care of them when they can't work anymore. They can go live with my loser, alcoholic brother that they keep giving money, etc.

If you can't afford to provide you child an education and a semi-decent wedding, then don't have children. Its cruel to blow all your money and then watch your kid work at McDonald's because you don't feel responsible for helping them succeed.
My friendship with cheap gift-givers has soured.
I secretly judge women whose rings come from mall jewelers.
I made my mom give me her ring because my cheep boyfriend bought me the uglyest ring ever. Also, my engagement was so awful, so I made my parents plan a new engagement with my boyfriend at a romantic resturant for me as a surprise....My boyfreind doesn't know I know, but I do...hehehe....I GET WHAT I WANT!!!!!
I was so disappointed when I saw the ring when my fiancee proposed.

I know it's so shallow and selfish, but I wanted a ring that would compare to my friends and co-workers. I was embarassed to show mine to anyone, because it's a little small in comparison.

I never said a word to him, and acted thrilled, but I was so let down.

As a woman, I know how other women think. A big ring means he really loves you a lot, and is willing to go into debt in girl language.

*blink* Let's see that last sentence again: "As a woman, I know how other women think. A big ring means he really loves you a lot, and is willing to go into debt in girl language. " Clearly, I missed the memo where the appeal of this whole "gimme a giant rock and start us out in a multi-thousand dollar financial hole" thing was explained to us girls.
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Germaine Greer hates your cuddly toys. (Yeah. She can have Mr. Bear when she can pry him out of my hands, and I'll fight dirty.)

Found at Teeny Manolo , where they suggest the proper response is to organize a donation of stuffed toys to various children's charities.
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I don't actually want to get into an argument with anyone, but for some unexplainable reason I keep feeling like posting one giant flamebait post including every view I have about politics, religion, feminism, racism, economic systems, etc., etc., etc. that might cause *ahem* "heated discussion" and let folks have at.

I'm clearly not going to do it, because I have an excessively thin skin. (You'll note I rarely post on any of those topics; now you have some idea of why.) I don't even know why I'm considering in essence trolling my own journal, but there you have it. WTF, brain? SRSLY, WTF?

[Edit: There is nothing happening on my f-list that is making me cranky (other than some community comments by people I don't otherwise know), there's nobody that I vehemently disagree with enough that I'd want to pick fights; this weird thought about trolling is completely random and frankly entirely out of character for me. See above about "WTF, brain?" Also note that here I am preemptively adding conciliatory notes to a post about picking fights. Hee!]
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[ profile] nminusone contended during this morning's commute that "you can't go wrong with Zeppelin". I beg to differ.

Now, I'm sure he meant with actual Led Zeppelin, not cover versions. (I still beg to differ, but that's neither here nor there.) The timing was too good to pass this up though.
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Strong anti-recommendation for a San Diego restaurant. Not that I'm in San Diego all that often, but next time I am, Pokéz is definitely not going to be a dining option.

I can't believe the waitress' behavior, but even more astounding was the manager's reaction to one of his staff assaulting a customer. Utterly unacceptable.
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The Mooninites have invaded Boston!!!

[Edit: Turner Broadcasting 'fesses up to being the ones who etched "The Moon Rulez, #1" on the side of [Boston's] car.]
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I'm installing Wordpress plugins on my new host, one of which is "Now Reading" to collect stuff I read this year. I wish there was an easier way to import all these books, but no joy there so far as I can tell. I'm not sure if it's due to the fact that I didn't keep track for anything other than the most recent two of what days I started and finished any of these books, but the calculations seem to be a wee bit off so far:

51 books overall; 49 books read in the last year; 2 books read in the last month. That's an average of 760 books each month.

That would be a neat trick.

I'll go check the bug database at some point, but I'm not inspired enough to go create an account there right at the moment.
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This could be the most frightening thing I've read all day. (To be
fair, I haven't been reading much.) From DCist:

Your boss in leather pants. The dream becomes a reality as
average joes from Hughes, QWEST, General Dynamics, the US Mint, The
EPA and the U.S. House of Representatives get their rock star on at
the State Theater. As if that weren't enough, 100% of the proceeds go
to the USO. Perhaps the best part of the whole affair is a headline
that would carry no weight in any other city: "Government IT rocks...
do you?" 7 p.m., $20 (tickets only available at
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Oy. From The Daily WTF (always good for making one feel not quite so alone when contemplating inflicting bodily harm on a coworker), a story about dealing with a small consulting company with "over twenty-five years combined experience working at Oracle Corporation". The email exchange begins with
We need your database in order to develop the reports
and triggers against it. Could you send a copy of your
production database?

and goes downhill rapidly from there, meandering by "please ship us your QA server" (not the database, the entire box) on its way to ending up with a request to "have your dba give us a call here and tell us what command to run to import a database". Perhaps they should've been more specific about the nature of their combined experience working for Oracle; one guy with around a year as a developer and four others with six years each in the mailroom?


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