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If only I had an extra $11k sitting around.

Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands
Aboard Le Diamant, November 15 to December 06, 2008. 22 days, from $10,980.

On this voyage you will witness the vast number of birds and marine life that make their home in the Antarctic Peninsula, the South Shetland Islands, South Georgia, and the Falklands. Watch delightful fur seal pups in their first weeks of life, and observe countless penguins sitting on their eggs, an arduous--and ultimately miraculous--process for the perpetuation of the species. Take Zodiac excursions and nature walks ashore for an intimate look at the incredible wildlife and numerous marine species that live in this harsh environment. Learn about early explorers and visit the burial site of Sir Ernest Shackleton. Extend your voyage of discovery with a trip to the World Heritage Site of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile.
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Perusing the Manolo's John Galliano (the "funky little fashion troll") tag is always good for a smile. Especially if you read the alt tags for the photos. (I particularly like this one that didn't make it onto the Shoe Blog.)

In love with a large number of pieces from his fall collections. If only I had more money than God. *sigh*

Window-licking from the Dior couture show (thumbnails lead to bigger images):

And his fall ready-to-wear:


Apr. 19th, 2007 10:47 am
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Man, I wish I could knit. (I've tried, it didn't go well after casting on. My brain knows what I need to do, my fingers don't want to cooperate.) Because, see, if I could knit, I could make Space Invaders socks. (pattern)
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I'm sure I must know someone who needs these -- other than myself, of course. ;)

Metal stiletto heels, created for Babylon 5.

There's also Jenna Jameson's posture collar, not that I know anyone who'd be interested in such a thing. *cough*

Hm. Looks like theme day at Boing Boing: here's another link to metal stilettos, this pair happens to lock. See above note about posture collar. ;)
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You guys have NO IDEA how desperately I need a knitted sock monkey hat. *glee*
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We stopped by REI today so [ profile] nminusone could look for a tarp and I could look at bikes. Right by the front door, my eye was caught by a pretty little thing in a shade of pink very similar to the one on my first bike. On the far side of the pack though, I saw the Electra Streamride Black Betty and that was it. It's got pink and silver flame decals and the valve caps are black dice; how could I possibly ignore that? It's almost like there was a big sign with my name on it overhead.

I'm going to sleep on it for a while before I decide whether I should bring her home with me, but I've definitely got a big ol' crush. Seeing as how I bought a (much less expensive) bike years ago that I almost never used, this one definitely merits some thought before purchasing.
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It's time for Animaniacs...

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Oh, these are beautiful.

Even I can't come close to rationalizing $815 shoes though, no matter how gorgeous they are. Eek!
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Quick, somebody convince me I don't need this.

(I don't, I really don't. When would I ever wear it? I'm trying to get rid of impractical stuff. It would be covered in unremovable cat fur in 15 seconds.)
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I was pretty spoiled growing up, I admit it. I don't think I was spoiled rotten (but then, who ever thinks they are/were?) and I of course didn't get everything I ever wanted, but if there was something I truly had my heart set on, odds were reasonably good that I could have it. Except for a pony. I never, ever got one of those, no matter how much I begged. Or a rocketship, either. I guess I should specify "if my parents thought it was reasonable". One of the lessons adulthood provided was that just because you really, really want something, that doesn't mean you're going to get it. This is of course one of those lessons that you get to learn the hard way. Over and over again. Intellectually, I know that no matter how much I might want these things, there's little to no guarantee that what I want will ever come to pass; life just doesn't work like that. It would take less mental energy to just relax and let what's going to happen, happen. I know that, I do. However, there's still the remnants of a spoiled little child somewhere inside (and if I'm being totally honest with myelf, she's not buried particularly deeply, if at all) that thinks that intensity of desire really ought to count for something, and that I've been patient and I've been good and I ate all my vegetables -- even the nasty brussels sprouts -- and now I deserve my pony, damnit.


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