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And now comes the “Hopeless Wanderer” video, which features an all-star cast of famous comedy bros — Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Will Forte, noted bluegrass aficionado Ed Helms — all doing their best Mumford impressions and making what might be the most Mumford video of all-time. The video stays pretty straight-faced most of the way, which only serves to further skewer the band’s deathlessly sincere old-timey pose. And honestly, isn’t it a little bit brave for a band to hire famous people to make their whole thing look stupid in their own music video? I think it is. Either way, whether you enjoy liking or detesting this band, it’s a fun video. (Stereogum)

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the phone rings and it brings Niagara Falls
and 3 o'clock in the morning
'You'd better be dyin'- and you were
- So we talked about time
and where it went,
unremarkable events,
and how one day took two days
and they got spent.
how you'd continue, carefully, in degrees
trying to do one true beautiful thing

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This is apparently the guy's first mashup. Color me way impressed.

- Gangnam Style by PSY
- Gangnam Style by PSY ft. HyunA
- Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
- Like a G6 by Far East Movement ft. Dev and The Cataracs
- Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) by The Offspring
- Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang)
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I've been listening to "Channel Orange" pretty much on repeat since Tuesday.

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June Tabor & Oysterband cover "Love Will Tear Us Apart".

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This is the family-friendly version from the cruise, inasmuch as any version of this song can truly be said to be family-friendly. "Sluice box mucking" is a reference to a story told earlier on the cruise by John Roderick about his worst job ever held, working in a gold mine.

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(Well, really it's the Miracles of Modern Science.)

Bon Jovi covered in the style of Bon Iver. The only thing keeping this from being perfection is that it's only a minute long.

For extra bonus entertainment, read the comments over at
Stereogum, which is where I found this.

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I'm pretty well burnt out on "Video Games" at this point thanks to constant airplay for a while there, but I haven't hit that point with this one yet.

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A little Wednesday afternoon tunage for you:

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My new favorite band? Perhaps.

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I dare you not to squee while watching this.

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My brain appears to have this and "Little Lion Man" on an endless loop today.

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It's been a long and annoying day. Time for a little joy:

And a classic:

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I'm pretty sure "Heartbeats" made it to song o'the week status some time back, but this is a live version.

If you like Kerin's voice, you'll also want to check out her side project Fever Ray. ("If I Had a Heart" official video)
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(Hulu, so probably US only. Sorry, kiddies.)


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