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At age 3, I already owned cutting-edge DJ gear FROM THE FUTURE. Damn, I knew I shoulda held on to that thing.

(Found via friendsfriends, as so much utterly wrong stuff often is.)
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*snerk* Gordon Freeman crank calls Coast to Coast AM

Caller: "I'm a theoretical physicist, I work at a research facility. [...] There's this man, I'll describe him, he looks the same every day, he's been stalking me. [...]"

George: "Are you working on anything that you can tell us about that he would want to get information about?"
Caller: "Yes, we're working on portal technology. [...] And we're in heavy competition with another company."
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Or watching this video. Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" featuring Glenn Danzig. (Well, sorta. Kinda.)

(yoinked from [ profile] infopractical)
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Christopher Moore guest-blogging at Powell's:
Okay, so 'tis the season and whatnot. And everyone's always axing me: "Did you have any event in your childhood that might have fucked you up and made you like you are so you write these completely sick stories about zombies and Christmas and stuff?"

Yes, childhood! You're small, stupid, and totally powerless. It's like being, I don't know, Lichtenstein at the United Nations, or, like the Littlest Pope. (Didn't you love that book when you were a kid, about the littlest Pope, and how he was crowned head of the most powerful church in the world, but all he really wanted was a pony? I loved that. Especially when he has the Irish inquisition torture all the Leprechauns to death because they called him a wee Papist wanker. How about the part where the Daili Lama kicks his ass at Pope school because he knows kung fu? Great book!)

Anyway, Christmas.

[much hilarity and trauma ensues]

I love this man SO MUCH. ♥
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Cowbell Hero. (YouTube video) I would play it over and over, taking breaks only to read my copy of "Watchmen Babies".

Cow power ready! Moo!!

Dear lord, I have got to stop procrastinating.
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For [ profile] wolfy, without comment. ;)
That Friday we had another inspection. Our Sgt Major entered the room, looked at our new flock, muttered a quiet “Oh hell no” did an about face, and walked out. Inspection over.
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Via [ profile] perspicuity: Christopher Judge of SG-1 gets an explanation of what furries are. (video, audio pretty much required; explanation safe for the office unless your coworkers hate freedom uncontrollable laughter)

*wipes tears of laughter away* Best. Reaction. Ever.
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The doodles in this book bear absolutely no relationship to anything that goes on in real organisms, but after staring at them for a while, I realized what this book is actually about.

This book is a description of the development and evolution of balloon animals.

It's that bad. This is a book suitable only for use at clown colleges, and even there, I suspect the clowns would tell us that it is impractical, nonsensical, and has no utility in their craft.

From PZ Meyers' review of Lifecode: From egg to embryo by self-organization.

This would be the book by the crackpot author suing Meyers for calling the guy a crackpot.
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Nooooo, they be stealin my colonies! ([ profile] cavalorn, via [ profile] jessicamelusine. Make sure to go through the comments too: comedy gold.)

Couldn't resist )
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Bwah! That is very much the kind of log message I will put on my own commits, which is one reason my cow-orkers ♥ me so very, very much. ;) From the changelog:

[livejournal] r11693: SADDLE UP THE DRAMA LLAMA.
Committer: ahassan

* Notify me when someone defriends me.
* Update default ESN events in
* Tweak the colors of the title bar on the manage subscriptions page, it matched the color of the disabled subscriptions

Nothing fires this yet, but this is the first half. Yee haw. :)

A   branches/r9/cgi-bin/LJ/Event/
U   branches/r9/cgi-bin/LJ/
U   branches/r9/cgi-bin/LJ/
U   branches/r9/cgi-bin/
U   branches/r9/htdocs/manage/subscriptions/index.bml
U   branches/r9/htdocs/stc/esn.css

They apparently rolled out the "ZOMGITHOUGHTIWASYOURBFF*emo*!1!eleventy!!1!" notification feature for paid users last night, for those who want to sign up for that notification in addition to using Joule.

Also, while looking for an appropriate photo for a dramallama icon, I ran across the best llama photo in the history of the world. SRSLY U GUYS. Make with the clicky.
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U can has LOLCODE:

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Even if there were other choices, I'd probably vote for Ybor City based entirely on this. Does this mean that Tampa is, in fact, more sinister than Orlando?
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Ever wonder what the best driving route from New York to Dublin might be? Google Maps is happy to help. Take particular note of step 23. XD I'm afraid of what's going to happen though if someone like this plugs that into their car's navigation system.

(via Kottke)
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Thanks to [ profile] mactavish and [ profile] freydis, it's official: I now have the world's biggest crush on Donny Osmond. Well, my childhood crush has returned, more accurately; he never quite beat out Leif Garrett at the time, but now he's undisputed top of the list.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 12:56 pm
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Take-Your-Child-To-Work Day never made much sense to me. Unless you're someone cool like Tony Hawk or Batman, showing kids the reality of the workplace just seems outright cruel. Cubicles, meetings, TPS reports -- I mean really, while you're at it, why not just crush all of their hopes and dreams and tell them that Santa Claus died in a mid-air collision with the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny was run over while trying to save the world's last candy factory, and that there would never be any birthday parties ever again. It's practically the same thing.

- Alex Papadimoulis, The Daily WTF

The post is titled "The Big Red Button" and starts out talking about Take Your Child To Work Day; I'm sure you all see where this is going.
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However, despite these limitations, for the last couple of months we've been building a search engine. It uses one third of San Francisco's water supply to cool and it has a dedicated Nuclear Reactor just to provide the power to index the word "depressed". The phrase "my parents don't understand me" takes up so much physical disk space that we had to hire the hangers at Moffets Field.
                  - [ profile] deflatermouse , in the [ profile] news post discussing the LJ search engine work in progress

Yay, sane indexing policies!


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