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Boss said "Go home", I said "Okay". The drive was not as exciting as it could've been, luckily, although 29 northbound could use another pass with a plow. So now I'm home, about to take a hot shower and put on flannel PJs, then log back in to work for a while. I'd enjoy the snow a lot more if 1) I didn't have Restaurant Week dinner reservations at Ten Penh downtown tonight and 2) I didn't already have tomorrow off, snow day or not. (I don't actually think it'll be a snow day; it's not that bad. At least not yet. They did promise some freezing rain later tonight though.
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The French Toast Alert System status for tomorrow: Elevated

Elevated: Moderate, plowable snow predicted. Harvey Leonard openly smiles during report. Empty your trunk to make room for milk, eggs and bread. Clear space in refrigerator and head to store for an extra gallon of milk, a spare dozen eggs and a new loaf of bread.

Snow likely in the morning...then snow and sleet in the afternoon. Snow and sleet accumulation of 2 to 4 inches. Highs in the mid 30s. East winds around 5 mph. Chance of precipitation 90 percent.

Thursday Night
Cloudy. Freezing rain...sleet and rain likely in the evening...then a chance of freezing rain after midnight. Ice accumulation of less than one quarter of an inch. Lows around 30. Northeast winds around 5 mph...becoming northwest after midnight. Chance of precipitation 70 percent.


Jan. 15th, 2008 11:32 am
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Looking out the front door of the office. Had no idea it was supposed to snow at all today. It's coming down pretty hard, but alas, I'm sure there's no snow day coming out of it.

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Today's commute: two and a half hours. Mostly the roads were just wet but the traffic volume was insane. Coming back south from Sterling though, it was getting kind of nasty; I did all kinds of sliding around on the side roads, even though I was being extremely cautious, and there was a bit of slush on 28 already. At least now I know what it takes to merit a "jam factor: red" on XM's traffic channel. They were reporting a two hour trip in on 66 east from Gainesville to the Beltway and backups on the outer loop from the mixing bowl to the American Legion bridge, along with huge backups pretty much everywhere else. I'm thankful that I don't commute into DC, or even in that general direction. First snowfall of the year always results in a giant mess, but hopefully from now on it won't be quite as bad. Note that I don't say anything remotely like "okay", since around here we don't get nearly enough snow to learn how to drive in it properly.

On a happier note, I'm finally back in my own office. Yay! *spazz hands* The repainting ended up being "checking for mold, tearing out drywall, treating for mold, installing new drywall, and repainting". What in theory should've been a couple of days ended up being more than a month.
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Yesterday at 1:45 PM: 81 degrees
Yesterday at 5:45 PM: 48 degrees
Right now: Snowing. Hard. Parking lot getting slushy.

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By "1/4 inch of freezing rain by Sunday evening", they apparently meant "3 inches of heavy, wet snow by 11 AM". I think I prefer the latter at the moment, especially since I had to go out to Petsmart this morning to get some Maroxy to treat Max (of course the medication I discover last night that I specifically need is the only one I didn't happen to have on hand); I suspect my opinion will change though once it stops and it's time to go shovel the sidewalk. It wasn't too bad out there at 11, but by the time I got home at noon the idiots were out in full force. I'm thinking I might suck up the one more day of fines and take back my overdue library books tomorrow, since making even low-speed turns was kind of exciting. Or maybe I'll go find a big empty parking lot someplace.

Bitchin' Camaro
Bitchin' Camaro
Donuts on your lawn
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Snow day! Yay! *kermit arms* (Technically it should be "Five inches of sleet day! Yay!", but close enough for horseshoes.)

Sadly, I still have to get up early to find these things out but I can at least theoretically go back to bed. I will probably call into a conference call briefly at 11, and then after that I think I might (*gasp*) take the day off.

Plans for the day:

  1. Restock bird squirrel feeder outside the living room windows in order to maximize cat torment.
  2. Grab stack of books and the rest of MacGyver season 1.
  3. Profit!
  4. Liberal application of goldschl├Ąger or Baileys to mugs of hot chocolate as big as my head.
  5. A whole lot of nothing.
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Where's my snow day, damnit?

[Edit: Office closing at 2:15. Half-day off is much better than none at all.]

Heavy snow out here of the good, wet, sticky variety perfect for snowball fights. ("Good" depending entirely on whether you have to shovel the stuff, I guess.) Too bad that here = the office. :-P

It is supposed to get nasty and icy later this afternoon though, so maybe I'll get to go home early where I can restock the bird squirrel feeders and then curl up with some hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket. And a book that isn't "The World is Flat", guh.
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Hey localfolks? I washed the road salt off my car last night, so that stuff falling from the sky today? My fault. Sorry.

In a weird coincidence, I was just thinking last night on my way to the mailbox that I should run a CD swap with a "soundtrack of your life" theme. I check in at [ profile] audiography today, and they beat me to the theme. May still do it, of course; anyone potentially interested? (This is not a call for participation quite yet, I'm just wondering if anyone would be interested.)
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I believe the final measurement was 11 or 12 inches. I know to my friends from up north, this is nothing. This is Virginia though, so this is a major snowfall. These first two pictures were taken at 6:45 AM, which is why they're so dark (and my hand was apparently a little unsteady, so they're a bit blurry too). It apparently snowed for several more hours afterward.

the back deck )

Gateway tries to decide if checking out the squirrel tracks is worth getting the paws wet )

Unfortunately, my hopes of a snow day have been dashed; since the feds have to work, so do I. Not that I work with the federal government, but it's an easy way to make decisions about weather-related closures. It's not a surprise though, since all the major roads in my area have been clear pretty much all day. It kinda blows, since I could really use another day to not get anything done at home rather than not getting anything done at work.


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