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I am pretty sure Brian Atwood's ad agency could not have possibly designed an ad campaign any more targeted to my various interests. Those boots! Those sandals! The eye candy of both the footwear and human variety! *swoon* (Via the Sidebar of Shame)
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Today it's a pair of espadrille wedges from Zara that I snagged in Boston last year, perfect for a beautiful day like today. Even if I'm stuck in my office until after 6 PM. :-P

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Zandra Rhodes wedges, courtesy of my highly-discounted-shoe-finding superpower (and The Outnet's clearance sale).


Mar. 22nd, 2011 12:00 pm
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Pardon me while I disturb local canines with my high-pitched squealing. Chris just got me my early 40th birthday present:

Balmain boots

And they should be here in time to wear them to this weekend's club night. Muahahahaha!
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New contender in the "most awesome shoes I own" category:

Charles Jourdan Chaya sandal
Even if they do have yellow gold, which is a color I don't normally wear. It's on my feet and not near my face, so I figured I'd chance it.

The rest of my recent shoe haul )

OMG shoes!

Sep. 14th, 2009 09:14 pm
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Need crazy discounts on (theoretically, at least) comfortable women's shoes? Shoetrader is shutting down, um, tomorrow. They're offering an additional 60% off everything still in stock, although as you might imagine that stock is limited; go to the front page of the site and the discount code is there. There were a few pairs of Clarks that I saw, some Born in sizes that aren't mine, and several pairs of dancing shoes for those who might need such a thing.
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Good mail week: my copy of the new Dresden Files installment Turn Coat was waiting for me on the doorstep when I got home, as was my copy of Ravens in the Library. The day before, my Big Brick o'Shakespeare showed up (from an Amazon seller, who stuffed the nice, new hardback book into a plain tyvek priority mail envelope with no padding at all and turned it over to the USPS).

Louboutin pumps in today's crazy Gilt sale. *daydreams* I have fantasies of getting rid of most of my clothing and shoes and replacing them with fewer, high-quality pieces, but reality conspires against me. Challenge #1: finding flattering clothes for an apple-shaped fat chick. (Note to designers: no, empire waists do NOT flatter "everybody". They invariably hang, tent-like, from my not-insubstantial rack and get me asked when I'm due.) Clearly some of these clothes do exist; I've seen pictures! I just need to get better at finding them myself.
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I'm sure I must know someone who needs these -- other than myself, of course. ;)

Metal stiletto heels, created for Babylon 5.

There's also Jenna Jameson's posture collar, not that I know anyone who'd be interested in such a thing. *cough*

Hm. Looks like theme day at Boing Boing: here's another link to metal stilettos, this pair happens to lock. See above note about posture collar. ;)
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Oh, these are beautiful.

Even I can't come close to rationalizing $815 shoes though, no matter how gorgeous they are. Eek!
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We're not going to any parties tonight, but we are going out to splurge on a really nice dinner. (Not sure why, but the restaurant folks seemed to think that a 10 PM seating was undesirable for some reason; as far as I'm concerned, that's almost exactly the right time to eat.) I figure this is as good a time as any -- and better than some -- to pull out some of the dresses hanging in my closet that I never find an excuse to wear. I'm thinking this one, although I have to go out and find a shrug or a sweater or something because 1) it's cold and 2) it's OMG-low-cut. I also have to hope that the underpinnings I tracked down both actually work and don't show, I haven't tried them yet. Gotta love clothes that require complicated feats of engineering. ;)

Although I am completely capable of dressing myself, it's always fun to get outside opinions; help me pick the right shoes. =) Current options are:

1. These, but in black matte silk rather than satin and with seed beads and tiny sequins on the bows. I think I'd prefer to have a plain bow, but I loved the style so much I could overlook the beads. Or pick them off carefully if they really bother me that much.


2. These, although this is the style I have. Zappos just has a better picture.

Yes, I love, love, LOVE the d'Orsay pumps, and no, I should not be allowed back into DSW (turn down the speakers before clicking :-P) again for a while. Except to see if the one here has a 7.5 in the second pair rather than an 8. The one in Rockville seems to have a much higher percentage (by which I mean "any", as the one near me only goes up to around $250) of the "I want to spend $500 for these ugly things why?" designer shoes. Lacroix, sweetie darling! My "favorite" was the zebra print with red patent trim labelled "Cheap and Chic" for $400. Buh? Then I looked closer, noticed it's Moschino, and realized that we meant that entirely in a relative sense.
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Home sick today. Since I can't seem to go back to sleep yet, I'm entertaining myself by reading Manolo:

Sparkly! (Lacroix, sweetie darling!)
Perfect, except for that bow. Follow the link to Zappos to see an even more impressive shot of the bow. o_O

And from the basement of the bargains:

I have no more room for shoes. If I want new ones, I must get rid of at least one pair first.


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