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Wow, I hadn't realized it had been three months since my last post. Still mostly posting short stuff over on Facebook; user info is in my contact sticky post at the top of my journal.

Things have been happening lately, I just haven't felt up for writing about them. One bright spot is that The Boy and I adopted a dog. Her name is Keira and she's a roughly two and a half year old pitbull mix. Fifty pounds of joyful doggie love who adores her people and wants to be wedged up against them at all times. Unfortunately, she also tries to eat absolutely everything and she's currently at Southpaws animal hospital because late on the night of July 4 she got into my purse and ate two rolls of Tums (tin foil wrapper and all), chewed on pretty much everything else in there, and apparently consumed some unknown quantity of Advil that was in the bottle she chewed the top off of. She's been in hospital since Saturday afternoon, and will be there at least through tomorrow. I'm pretty worried, since she appears to be getting worse as time goes on, and my anxiety disorder isn't allowing me to stop thinking that if I had just put my purse on the counter like I usually do instead of on the chair, my dog would be okay. :-/

In a display of terrible timing, The Boy is off in Texas for work this week, so I'm home alone and get to deal with the dog crisis for the rest of the week mostly by myself.

2014-06-20 00.27.24

2014-05-08 22.24.09
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The poor little guy's luck finally ran out tonight and the heart disease caught up to him. No surprising recovery this time. =/ That last trip to the vet was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. Merry f'ing Christmas, eh?

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Yesterday ended around 4:30 AM, after an emergency 3 AM trip to CVS and a couple of hours of shoving sugar down my seriously--as in, "first reading on the glucose meter once we realized what was probably going on: 34 rather than somewhere in the 70s or above"--hypoglycemic cat's throat. [ profile] nminusone's day ended much later than that, as he stayed up with Gateway after I'd gone to catch a nap before work to keep feeding him glucose, cat treats, and Fancy Feast until he'd mostly recovered. I'm thankful that I got sucked into reading the latest Anita Blake book (not a phrase I ever expected to type) and was still awake at 2:30 to notice that the cat was acting very strangely.

The day's kind of gone downhill from there, and I have another two and a half hours to go here before heading home. Joy. Where's my Bag o'Bliss?
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Victor in his plants
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My little old man is gone. I'm not surprised, really; he has been definitely showing his age lately and in particular today. He was somewhere between three and four years old (I've had him for just over three years and he was probably at least six months old when I got him at the pet store), which is a quite respectable old age for bettas. It seems like it was pretty peaceful, resting on his favorite leaf perch. RIP, little guy.

Note to cat: You are now the only remaining pet; stop trying to tangle with the mama raccoon who comes up on the deck and outweighs you by quite a lot!
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Day one of vacation involved spending a good chunk of the day shampooing the living room carpet. Day two and day three have been not nearly as productive, although I did at least manage to get to the grocery store, buy an 18 pound turkey, and not kill anyone in the process. Dinner tomorrow seems to have morphed into "dinner for 15". Aieee!

Still to do tonight: clean the fish tank, move all the crap out of the dining room and run the Roomba (sans kitty passenger) since it's getting too late to haul out the full-sized vacuum tonight, move one 6' table down from upstairs into the living room, figure out if I even have enough silverware for 15 people, figure out what else I forgot at the grocery store, and at least make the cranberry relish.

We're birdsitting a friend's budgie for the weekend, and he seems to be quite fond of Emma Shapplin and her "Etterna" CD. He's currently singing along quietly to "Un Sospir' di Voi"; it's pretty darn cute. Apparently less fond of The Beatles. Of course I'm also going to have to see whether he likes Siouxsie, on general principle.
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RIP Edward Jet Oliver Yuri Pigarin IV, our little one-eyed pirate piggie. Enormous name for what was, in his prime, an enormous guinea pig. Over the last several months he'd been fighting some sort of infection and possibly kidney failure and had lost massive amounts of weight, but he seemed reasonably happy up until the last day or so; even up until late last night he was grabbing the plastic blueberry container and trying to pull the whole thing into the pigloo with him. Being small prey animals, I think guinea pigs are good at masking how ill they really are. Sometime early this morning the infection, probably combined with a fairly advanced age (6) for a guinea pig, won. I was asleep at the time, but [ profile] nminusone wrote about it a bit. (f-locked post, which you probably want to avoid if talk of critically ill animals will bother you)

Heh. The story behind the enormous name: we got Ed during a period that we were watching a lot of "Cowboy Bebop". My favorite character in the show is Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, usually just known as "Ed", and his long name was a riff on that. "Oliver" was from his near-lifelong habit of asking "Please sir, can I have some more?"; I swear, his stomach was like a bottomless pit. "Yuri Pigarin" came from a very early stunt of his, which was wiggling out of my arms and launching himself into space from my shoulder. He landed on his snout on the wooden kitchen floor, miraculously unhurt. Luckily he never tried that one again; the first time nearly gave me a heart attack as it was.

EXTREME SNOUT CLOSEUP! (More like "Hey, is that camera thingie food? I'd better check.")
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What I'd intended to do this evening: go to the fair, see Scythian and Joan Jett, eat food on sticks, ride the ferris wheel, maybe pet some cute, fuzzy critters, watch fireworks, cheer the hell up.

What I actually did: spent two hours and close to $200 at the vet with our guinea pig. Yay, after-hours emergency vet pricing. Well, at least I got the petting of cute, fuzzy critters part of the evening done. (He's apparently got some sort of infection in the socket where his right eye used to be; we came home with painkillers/anti-inflammatories and some heavy-duty antibiotics.)

Now there's Chinese delivery on the way and an impressive lightning storm. Maybe "Kung Fu Panda" later, if we're feeling up to it.
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There's just nothing I enjoy more than bringing my cat back clearly sick from his vet's office where he's been boarded for the weekend (and of course according to the guy I just talked to on the phone, they saw no signs of him being unwell, even though he his appetite was enough off that they prescribed an appetite stimulant for him). I think for the rate we pay them for boarding and medication dispensing, next time we can probably find a cat-sitting service who will come out and do the insulin injections at home.
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This has been making the rounds, but I thought it couldn't hurt to repost it. Menu Foods "announced the precautionary recall of a portion of the dog and cat food it manufactured between December 3, 2006 and March 6, 2007. The recall is limited to "cuts and gravy" style pet food in cans and pouches manufactured at two of the Fund's United States facilities. These products are both manufactured and sold under private-label and are contract-manufactured for some national brands." Apparently at least one dog and some number of cats have died from renal failure possibly related to the food.

The contract-manufactured food includes Iams and Eukanuba:

P&G announced Friday the recall of specific 3 oz., 5.5 oz., 6 oz. and 13.2 oz. canned and 3 oz. and 5.3 oz. foil pouch cat and dog wet food products made by Menu Foods but sold under the Iams and Eukanuba brands. The recalled products bear the code dates of 6339 through 7073 followed by the plant code 4197, P&G said.

This covers a lot of different brands, so even if you don't recognize Menu Foods, go check the recall list and your pet's gooshyfood.

[Edit: [ profile] twistedchick has more information, including links to the Iams and Eukanuba recalled products. Hill's Science Diet cat foods and Purina's Mighty Dog 5.3 oz pouch foods are also being voluntarily recalled, info at the above link.]
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There are few alarms quite as effective as a hungry cat who wants his breakfast. If only I could hit the snooze on him until my real alarm was set to go off half an hour from now.
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The boys:

Victor in his plants   Victor

Max    Max flaring

Right now, Max has much more of a personality than Victor does, although I hope it's just due to Victor needing some time to adjust to a new home. Victor spends a huge chunk of his time sleeping on his favorite plant and ignoring people, while Max will swim right up and do a little happy dance when he sees you. (Or maybe that's the "Feed me NOW!" dance, it's hard to tell sometimes.)
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Okay, let's balance out the morning suckfulness with a few happy-making things:

Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris. It doesn't get much better than that.

These costumes from Baycon absolutely kill me. Genius!

Wil Wheaton and his stepkid? Hawesome. "'You're trying to get your rock on . . . to REO Speedwagon?' He said, incredulous. Tough to argue with that."

I have a pretty new crowntail betta boy to hang out with Max. (By "with", I mean "near". Can't put two males in the same tank.) His name I think will be Victor Hugo the Second (*ahem*), and at the moment he's kind of lost in the five-gallon tank I got for him. I thought belatedly I should put Max in the 5 since he's a lot bigger than the new guy and put Victor in the 2, but I put Victor in the new tank because I really wanted to get him out of that tiny little cup he was in and shifting everyone around would take a while. By the way, Petco currently has a sale through this week I think where the Eclipse 5 Hex tanks are $20 off, making them $30. I almost got one for Max, but I didn't actually want another hex; I'll get him a different 5-gallon later this week, and maybe look for an appropriate fishy friend for their tanks. Do I spoil my pets? Of course I do!

cat update

Mar. 2nd, 2006 01:21 am
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Chris has posted about this, but here's an update for anyone who doesn't also read his journal and is following the saga of my diabetic kitty. Gateway's appetite came back with a vengeance over the weekend, he's been shovelling down the food nearly as fast as we put it out for him for a few days. Chris finally found a glucose meter that required a small enough amount of blood that we could use it on the cat and took a measurement last night. It was around 70-72, more than twelve hours after his insulin injection. That's about right for a normal cat, but it's low for a diabetic, especially one who's taking as little insulin as he is (a unit and a half of glargine every 24 hours) and it would be very easy for the insulin to send him into hypoglycemic seizures again**. Tonight's reading, again many hours after his injection, was 65. We'll test again tomorrow morning, but at this rate it looks like there's a good possibility that he might be able to come off insulin and be managed through diet alone. He'll still be upset that he can't have any more of the crackScience Diet dry food, but he'll get over it. Anyone local want a bit more than half of an 8 lb. bag of Science Diet Senior dry food? I think all three of us would be perfectly happy not to have to deal with daily injections, although I don't think the poor little guy is going to be able to get out of the more painful glucose testing.

** I don't remember if I mentioned this here or not. When we took Gateway in for his original glucose curve, they gave him the prescribed dose of five units of insulin based on his current glucose reading, which was noticeably over 400 (!!). Many, many hours later, his glucose dipped so low as a result that he went into hypoglycemic seizures, much to everyone's surprise. He was put on a dextrose drip overnight, which got his levels back up into closer to normal range eventually. He ended up spending three days at the vet so that they could keep an eye on him. Luckily it happened while he was still there instead of after they sent him home; if it had happened at home overnight or while we were out, we could've lost him.
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My cat is a little rock star. When we went to visit during his three-day stay at the vet, the tech was telling us that everybody absolutely loved him because he was so laid back. I think it's mostly "resigned to his fate", but in either case they were pleased that he wasn't a holy terror like a lot of cats who end up at the vet. "Not impressed by our other animals" I think was the worst they had to say. I also suspect that by the end of the second day, he'd decided he was going to be friendly with the humans; he's always shy at first, but warms up to people pretty quickly. Once he gets started, he's a world-class suck-up.

When Chris took him back yesterday, apparently his fan club was waiting. I was told that it took a while for him to be brought back out after they drew blood because everybody wanted to come say hi to him first. I'm amused.
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This was just what I needed last night to distract me; y'all rock like rockin' things. Gateway was at the vet all day yesterday to get a blood glucose curve drawn up and to figure out what sort of insulin dosage he needed. When we heard from the vet finally around 7 PM, they told us he might be kept overnight and to call back at 9. Around 9, we found out he definitely wasn't coming home last night. They're giving him a slow-acting form of insulin, and started him with what should've been a medium dose for a cat with fasting glucose levels in the low 400s. It seems though that he's still quite sensitive to insulin, so his glucose plunged to the low 40s by the time we talked at 7, and by 9 he had gotten so hypoglycemic that they were giving him IV glucose and were definitely keeping him overnight for monitoring.

They're going to keep him today and try again with a dose about half the size of the one he got yesterday. Hopefully this will be less stressful for all of us and we'll get to bring him home tonight. If we're really lucky, we caught the diabetes early enough that the treatment will help induce remission. Poor little guy has already got one chronic health issue, he doesn't need any more. Luckily the HCM is well-managed by his medication since we caught that pretty early; hope the same can be said of the diabetes.

Edit: Just talked to the vet, and he's probably not going to get to come home tonight. Even with the IV, his blood sugar is still on the low side of normal and it seems like the insulin is sticking around a lot longer than typical, so they're not going to try giving any more insulin today unless something significantly changes. They'll probably keep him overnight again to monitor him and probably send him home tomorrow for a few days since he's not wanting to eat for them. [ profile] nminusone and I will go visit him tonight and see if we can get him to eat and bring them his atenelol, which we didn't send with him since we didn't expect him to be there overnight.
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This year has not been the best for our pets. First Ed had an abscess behind his right eye and now is our adorable little pirate piggie; he's adapted well to having just the one eye though, and the nose is still in fine working order. Now it turns out Gateway is diabetic, on top of the existing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The latter at least seems to be well under control with his medication, as the vet said he didn't hear his heart murmur last night. His glucose level last night (after not having any food for more than 12 hours) was 417. (!!!) He hasn't developed ketoacidosis though. The vet's advice was to try switching him to lower-carb food for a week and bringing him back in; if his glucose levels are still high, and I'd imagine they probably will be, then he starts getting insulin injections. Poor baby. Well, the good news here is that with the symptoms he had, it could've been something much worse, like chronic renal failure.
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Ed came through surgery okay and is doing pretty well right now. He may get to come home tomorrow.
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Ed's scheduled for surgery on Wednesday afternoon, after which we'll have to dress him up as a little tiny pirate with an eyepatch. As long as we give him an ear of corn while we laugh, he'll be totally fine with it; he knows not this "dignity" of which we speak.
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Today is Setting Orange, day 13 in the season of The Aftermath, 3271.

Surgery on a guinea pig is actually much more reasonably priced than I'd expected, based on the quote I got tonight. Between the mechanic and vet bills in the last couple of weeks though, the budget's a bit blown.

Cut for (not terribly explicit) discussion of why I was given a quote for surgery and eye problems )
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I can already tell that this could turn into a dangerous idea; I've already gone through the "well, this small tank is okay and he seems reasonably content, but I'd bet he'd like someplace bigger and something to hide under, so I'll just duck out to the pet store again" bit since Wednesday. I don't think I've ever been accused of not trying to spoil my pets.


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