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I've been ignoring the Coachella lineup because I knew there was no way I could even consider it this year. Someone set the Wayback Machine, obviously:

Jesus and Mary Chain
Sonic Youth
Happy Mondays (!)
Crowded House (!!)

(and, of course, 236 other acts of varying interest)
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Apparently I'm in the mood to listen to stuff I loved in college. Tonight's playlist so far:

"Softly", The Soup Dragons
"Miss Freelove '69", Hoodoo Gurus
"Girlfriend", Matthew Sweet
"Tattva", Kula Shaker
"Black Metallic", Catherine Wheel (still a favorite)
"The Only One I Know", The Charlatans
"I Wanna Be Adored", The Stone Roses

I hate culling CDs, because I have a bad case of "I might really want to listen to that later" syndrome. It needs to be done though, and if I haven't listed to this Die Form disc in three years, I'm probably not going to listen to it anytime soon. I'm flipping a coin on whether to take stuff up to CDepot in College Park or mail it off to Second Spin; Second Spin offers better prices for stuff if they want it, but CDepot has the benefit of being local (and offering more than McKay in Manassas).
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I just had to call about an order I placed from The New York Review of Books (four of the five books I ordered apparently failed to make it out of their NY warehouse). Their processing center is in Jackson, MS. Hearing the familiar accents on the other end of the line makes me miss...well, it's not "home" anymore, but it was for a very long time. To hear me talk, you'd never peg that I grew up in Mississippi but that was my home from the time I was very young until I left for college. At the time I couldn't wait to get away, but now I sometimes find myself wanting to go back. Not permanently I don't think, but just for a little while.
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In my wanderings last night, I ran across a mash-up that used "Jam On It" by Newcleus (Remember that one? I keep getting it stuck in my head every time I have to contemplate the recently-installed wiki at work. "Wikiwikiwiki") and decided I needed to find a copy of that song. And today, Boing Boing comes through.

In the "not quite so retro" department, how could I have forgotten how much I love Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend"? That wonderful bit of guitar pop brings back good memories. Of course I had to replace the copy I had on cassette that's eleven years old now. The iTunes music store been very, very good to me. Or is that "bad for me"? Both, I suspect.
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The worst thing that could've happened to me (shh, let me exaggerate in peace) is to find the "Guilty Pleasures" and "80s One-Hit Wonders" playlists in the iTunes music store. Nelson! Giuffria! (Ten points if you remember them.) Donnie Iris! Kajagoogoo! Eee!
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When I'm not being a mopey, tragic drama queen, I can actually write a damn good letter. Or at least I used to be able to.

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Hm, it wouldn't seem like the thing to do to cheer yourself up would be to go back through a couple of years' worth of old email, but it's working surprisingly well. My favorite conversational snippet so far (at least of the "appropriate to share with the masses" variety):
Poinging. That's another good word. You're practically your own episode of 'sesame street,' at the rate you're increasing my vocabulary.

The best quotes of the other variety, y'all aren't getting. Sorry, I'm hoarding those for myself. =)
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Wil Wheaton writes about explaining Live Aid to his stepkids, and causes me to choke on my morning caffeine with this:

"Who's that?" Nolan asked.

"That's Phil Collins. He just finished performing in London, and now he's going to fly to Philly to perform there too," I said. "It was pretty cool."

"Phil Collins?!" Ryan said, "The wussy Tarzan guy?!"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Well . . . yeah."

"He was cool?"

"Phil Collins was . . . " I cleared my throat. "He was an international superstar."

Ryan looked at me, genuinely confused. "Why?"

I took a deep breath and gave the only answer I could.

"It . . . it was 1985." I said, suddenly not that uncomfortable to take another step toward becoming my parents, and silently grateful that the kids hadn't been in the room when I was rocking out to Adam Ant.

Also, the discussion of Bono and the mullet ( "official haircut of rock and roll" in 1985).
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I woke up reasonably early today, checked email/LJ, and then decided to get something actually useful done today. We've got a bedroom on the basement level that we use as a storage room (no windows, low ceiling, wouldn't put anyone we liked in there even as a guest room), which has been sitting mostly in the same state since we moved in. A little bit of organization happened when looking for things, but mostly not. I decided to attack this room today and see what I could get done; I wanted to arrange boxes where they could be easily found, look for some of the Christmas stuff I was missing this year, and see if there was anything that could easily be thrown out, so I headed downstairs with a bottle of water, a sweater (hey, it's cold down there, no point in heating it if we don't use it), and some Karsh Kale remixes.

Before )

After )

Most everything is actually rather neatly stacked around the outside of the room, and all the car parts are in one spot, the extra linens are in another, and the old computer equipment is together in another corner. The stack of boxes and the plastic bin in the middle of the room still need to be sorted through, as they're full of a bunch of papers and stuff I've hauled around with me for years. I'm not sure why I still have a copy of "Community Law v. National Law: The role of the Court of Justice of the EC in the process of political integration" that I wrote for my Politics of Western European Integration class, or an essay I apparently wrote for one of my Spanish classes involving structural analysis of stories, referencing Barthes' "Textual Analysis". As if that sort of thing isn't fun enough in one's native language. ;) (These are the sorts of things that led to that $80K piece of paper sitting on the floor in front of the repros of vintage travel posters; my degree is essentially being used as a doorstop these days. *grin*) I also am not sure why I have some of the reference material I apparently kept for site design for the Telos site (project notes and the like). Yeesh.

I do know why I kept the love letters from the fiance, and letters from The One that Got Away, and the postcards from Geo and his travels around the world, and the ephemera from the trip to England and Wales to follow the Oysterband around for a bit. Had forgotten I had a lot of that too, and now I need to find a better place for it than piled in a disorganized heap in the bottom of a box in the basement.
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Someone who I've been looking for on and off for about ten years now just reappeared on the face of the earth and showed up in my journal. I hadn't heard anything from or about him since the summer we worked together almost 11 years ago, and I can't explain how utterly thrilled I am to know that he's still alive and remembers me. It's...a very long story, but the short version is that because of him I realized that one really could be in love with more than one person at a time, even if there was nothing to be done about it other than a dramatic farewell kiss.

Between this and my former fiance reappearing recently (both of which are good things), it's been nostalgia central lately. I will have to assume that I have google to thank for both these things. I know that B. (the former fiance) found me because he was searching google for something utterly unrelated to me, but somehow my URL ended up in his search results. I'll have to see how the other one came about.
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Today's plan: move to the New Mexico desert and live as a hermit.
Or maybe just find a p-shrink and some Buspar.

Seeing people talk about where they were last year, 5 years ago, etc. made me realize that I really have no vivid, happy memories. Okay, that's not entirely true, I do have a couple. I can remember in excruciating detail painful, humilating things from kindergarten, but I can't really remember anything good in anything approaching that level of detail. Wonder why my brain works that way.

One year ago (October 2000) things were much as they are now. Living with Chris, dating Mattison (but seeing each other more frequently), having the occasional date with Dave. Fifteen-twenty pounds lighter. =/ Working for TeleFusion, but not really having a lot of work coming in. Just not quite as worried about the financial situation then as I am now. Going to the gym on a regular basis and starting work with a trainer.

Five years ago (October 1996). Hm. I had just gotten laid off from my first non-retail job - they were kind enough to wait until my one year date of hire to give me that manila envelope containing a certificate saying I'd completed a year with the company and a pink slip saying I was being replaced by a marketing weenie with a copy of FrontPage. Living in Herndon with a housemate. Dating one person, who happened to be living in Berkeley. Somewhat more social than I am now, but still pretty lonely.

Ten years ago (October 1991). Starting junior year in college. My father had died of cancer in June, my mother had just called to tell me she'd been diagnosed with the breast cancer which would eventually kill her too, I'd just gotten a letter from the one I was in love with with telling me that he was moving to Europe with his girlfriend, and my roommate/best friend and I were starting the descent into what would end up with us spending the last few months of that academic year not speaking to each other at all. Not, to say the least, one of my better years. Except for the parts of the summer spent sitting up on the roof talking with Clay, I'd be pretty happy to forget most of the year.

Twenty years ago (1981). I was ten. Fifth grade. Nothing really stands out for me. I wasn't exactly popular; it's hard to be the fat, smart kid in grade school. I suppose like most of my school experience I tend to block it out because the misery tended to outweigh any good experiences. About the only thing I really like to remember about grade school is taking the SATs and getting to spend the summer after 7th grade in a program at Duke.

I think I've just managed to depress myself...


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