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I had a Dreamwidth account, but a few months back I deleted it after not having used it in many, many years.

Now I have a new Dreamwidth account, same username as here. Feel free to follow me over there so I can follow you back. No promises that I'll post there any more than I have been here though. :-/
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Facebook and Twitter Connect update

We understand and appreciate your privacy concerns. For this reason, we'll be modifying the comment cross-posting portion of the Facebook and Twitter Connect feature so only comments on public entries (those marked 'Everyone') can be cross-posted. Once we implement this change, it will no longer be possible to cross-post screened comments or comments left on Friends Only entries.

What's only made clear in the comments is that the next release probably won't go live until week after next.
Turning off comments because I'm not feeling up for LJ debate right now.
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[ profile] rm says what I'm thinking, but better:
LJ has implemented a new feature that allows you to cross-post both entries and comments to Facebook and Twitter. Anyone who has this feature enabled may cross-post comments they make to friendslocked entries to these services. While the cross-posted item does not show the original locked post, it does indicate the existence of content some people are not able to see, which is a privacy concern for many in and of itself. Additionally, depending on what someone says in that cross-posted comment there are additional issues.

While I am perfectly aware (so don't start that argument with me) that privacy on the Internet and LJ is largely an illusion, people are entitled to that illusion. They are also entitled to being able to deactivate the use of such a tool that makes privacy violations seem easier and more appropriate in their own spaces.

Yes, you've always been able to cut and paste and link to content that shouldn't be widely available. If I thought you were the kind of ass that would repost locked content in a way that would clearly identify the source, you wouldn't have access to my locked content in the first place. If you want to quote your own comment on one of my locked posts elsewhere? They're your words and you can do what you want with them, but please do not post them with a direct quote of someone else's words, link to my LJ, or indicate in any way where specifically it came from. If I find that you have done it deliberately? Stop! Banhammer time! Public comments I suppose are going to have to be fair game, but I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't tie my LJ to my Facebook account. If I want my Facebook friends to know about my LJ, I'll tell them myself.
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Until LJ gets their heads out of their asses and add a setting to opt your journal and comments there out of being shared, please do not repost any comments made in my LJ to Facebook or Twitter. (See the latest post in [ profile] news.)

[Edit: A comment over in the news post is pretty much exactly my position too:
I don't mind the option to cross-post to my Facebook, as I often do like my LJ entries posted to my FB account.

However, like about a million other people here, I do NOT want any comments made to my friends-locked entries to appear ANYWHERE on Facebook. (If that is the case, your explanation of the feature is amazingly unclear.)
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For folks who don't follow [ profile] news, there was a "limited but serious privacy breach" via media/Flash embedding. Details are here, including how to tell if you or someone on your f-list was affected. Right now the only site from which media embedding is allowed is YouTube, but they're working on updating the whitelist.
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However, despite these limitations, for the last couple of months we've been building a search engine. It uses one third of San Francisco's water supply to cool and it has a dedicated Nuclear Reactor just to provide the power to index the word "depressed". The phrase "my parents don't understand me" takes up so much physical disk space that we had to hire the hangers at Moffets Field.
                  - [ profile] deflatermouse , in the [ profile] news post discussing the LJ search engine work in progress

Yay, sane indexing policies!


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