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The Humble Origin Bundle
8 triumphant games. Pay what you want and get the terrifying sci-fi horror third person shooter Dead Space 3; the original bone-chilling horror shooter Dead Space; the intense action-packed supersoldier shooter Crysis 2 Maximum Edition; the high speed open-world crash happy racer Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box; the authentic modern warfare sim Medal of Honor; and the first person parkour thrill ride Mirror's Edge. Pay over the average and receive the beloved life sim The Sims 3 (along with two expansion packs in The Sims 3 Starter Pack) and the unrivaled military shooter Battlefield 3.

Fire it up on Origin. Buying the Humble Origin Bundle gets you the games to play on Windows through Origin , with The Sims 3 also available on Mac! Electronic Arts has also provided Steam keys for some of the games!
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Why I would rather work for the yakuza than National Geographic Television. Of all the people in the world to piss off, these guys wouldn't be top of my list.

Check this out: 2011 Beale Street Music Festival lineup. A three day pass is $69 plus Ticketbastard fees; I'm pretty sure around here the Flaming Lips alone would cost more than that.

HarperCollins seeks to limit digital lending, access patron data, generally piss off readers This made the rounds last week, but in case you missed it...

Know your social media scams and rogue apps

On the shores of a lava lake (Nyiragongo Crater)
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This court smackdown of Completely Batshit Crazy birther Orly Taitz is absolutely hysterical.

Her argument that she should have been given more time to respond before the Court issued its ruling, when she had requested the expedited consideration, is so shockingly devoid of reality that it is difficult to know how to respond.
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I feel somewhat relieved to know, based on comments, that I was not the only person in tears at the end of [ profile] yuki_onna's post: Two Kinds of Love
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Preliminary Analysis of Voting Figures in Iran's 2009 Presidential Election (Chatham House PDF file, via

Executive Summary

Working from the province by province breakdowns of the 2009 and 2005 results, released by the Iranian Ministry of Interior, and from the 2006 census as published by the official Statistical Centre of Iran, the following observations about the official data and the debates surrounding it can be made.
  • In two Conservative provinces, Mazandaran and Yazd, a turnout of more than 100% was recorded.

  • At a provincial level, there is no correlation between the increased turnout, and the swing to Ahmadinejad. This challenges the notion that his victory was due to the massive participation of a previously silent Conservative majority.

  • In a third of all provinces, the official results would require that Ahmadinejad took not only all former conservative voters, and all former centrist voters, and all new voters, but also up to 44% of former Reformist voters, despite a decade of conflict between these two groups.

  • In 2005, as in 2001 and 1997, conservative candidates, and Ahmadinejad in particular, were markedly unpopular in rural areas. That the countryside always votes conservative is a myth. The claim that this year Ahmadinejad swept the board in more rural provinces flies in the face of these trends.
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From the blog:
Bookslut needs to restock some columnists: if you're interested in covering cookbooks, poetry, science fiction, or comic books (or have another idea you're interested in) please e-mail Caroline with a letter of interest and writing samples.
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A brief, incomplete, and mostly wrong history of programming languages

1964 - John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz create BASIC, an unstructured programming language for non-computer scientists.

1965 - Kemeny and Kurtz go to 1964.
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Gilt Groupe is having a one-day sale on some Smashbox items, averaging more than half off list. It's an invite-only website, so you can use this link if you want to check it out. (Full disclosure: it's my referral link, and I get a kickback if you sign up and eventually buy something.) I keep checking it out for the shoes and accessories, because there's no way I'm going to fit into 7 for All Mankind jeans or Vera Wang, regardless of how big a discount they're offering (and the discounts tend to be pretty substantial). Upcoming stuff according to the schedule is Vera Wang, Derek Lam, and Thakoon tomorrow.
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Billy Shakes? Hottie. (Assuming this is in fact a contemporary portrait and, y'know, it wasn't painted to be wildly flattering to the subject, like you do.)

Also: Haha! [Tom, If you think it has been established that William Shakespeare was not the author of these plays, based on what Wikipedia says, we can't help you. -- RM, NYT Ed.]
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Mr. Moore, would you sign my copy of "Watchmen Babies?"

[Edit: This is where I confess to being not enough of a "Watchmen" geek (which is true) and/or getting too damn old, because the thought of going to see a three-hour movie starting at midnight on a school night only crossed my mind very briefly.]
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Funniest. Intro. Ever.   James Lipton introducing Death Cab for Cutie's performance of "Cath" on the Late Late Show (you might want to turn the volume down if you've got easily-offended coworkers):

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Like [ profile] pecunium says, the world needs more crazy like this.
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Today's Woot is a portable ION iPTUSB turntable for $50 (vs. the $120 it's listed for on the ION site).
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1. Do any of you fine folks on my f-list know anyone/happen to be yourself involved in children's books (from the author/editor/publisher/agent/etc. angle rather than as a reader)? If so, please ping [ profile] ratmmjess over here. (If the idea mentioned is what I think it is, the project will be made entirely of weapons-grade awesome.)

2. Anyone in the Bay Area looking for a sysadmin? Someone I know is looking for a new spot; ping me and I can pass along info to them.

3. [ profile] oletheros is posting "Oceanus Procellarum" over at Webcomics Nation. Check it out; new posts every Friday through May.

4. For the RPG-inclined, it looks like Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies proceeds apace.

5. I'm sure there's a bunch of other stuff y'all are up to that deserves a little signal-boosting, so how about a pimp thread? Got something (yours, a friend's, something random you think is cool) you'd like to promote? Post it in comments!

Airlifting: [ profile] sistercoyote and [ profile] ashenseraph have a co-written story in the newly-published Ricasso Press anthology Magic and Mechanica.
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March 21, San Francisco


Dec. 15th, 2008 07:48 pm
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From the lovely and talented [ profile] phinnia:

Frankie the cat burglar swipes cuddly toys from neighbors' homes. (The pictures are great.)
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If you're in the Seattle area and are looking (or knows someone who is looking) to adopt a cat, Cherie Priest passed on information that for the rest of the month, the Seattle Humane Society is waiving the $80 adoption fee on all cats over one year old because they've got so many in care.
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Want to own Six's red dress or Kara's dog tags? Here's your chance:
The Battlestar Galactica Auction, presented by Prop Worx, is coming to the Auction Network on January 17 and 18, 2009. Collection includes set plans, production art, foam core set models, scripts, costumes, ships, props, set pieces and more.


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