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I did not go this year, but one of the cruisers has put together a "JCCC4 in 30 Minutes" video with clips from the week-long cruise.

They've already announced JCCC5, an 8 night cruise. I'm not sure I'm going yet, but the lure of Seamonkey friends and "80 degrees and sunny" in February is hard to resist.

[Edit: And if 30 minutes is too long, here's the 30 second version. ;)]
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Still alive. I keep feeling like I should write here more often, but then I never quite get around to it. I'm spending more time on Facebook because it seems suited to the random linkspam and one-liners that seem to be most of what I'm capable of these days. :-/ (If you want to hook up on Facebook, my FB URL is in the contact info sticky entry, top page of my journal. I think I have it set so I don't turn up in searches.)

So, let's see; what's happened lately?

++ So JoCo Cruise Crazy 2 was a thing. A week in the Caribbean with a bunch of nerds on a boat? How could that not be good? (Don't answer that, says the woman who spent part of her cruise reading a book that talked in part about ships being taken out by massive freak waves. *laugh*) Last year's discovery: John Roderick (who I guess I knew sort of since I'd heard a few Long Winters tracks on XM). This year's: Scott Barkan, who I've seen a few times accompanying Marian Call. One of the highlights of the cruise for me was the solo show he played as one of the non-official SeaMonkey activities. Other highlights: the live Paul & Storm podcast taping, with Joseph Scrimshaw as Ed McMahon; Marian Call accompanying MC Frontalot on "Spoiler Alert" (because when are you ever going to see that again?); joining a large group of SeaMonkeys for dinner on Aruba and randomly picking an awesome place (they were playing a promo for "Stand By Me" with Wil Wheaton when we walked on, which was clearly A Sign); the Second Annual Paul F. Tompkins Memorial Moustache Formal and Feztravaganza. (Our attire, with bonus photobomb by PaulandStorm [S] which cracks me up every time I see it.) Also, "sluice box mucking", "value papers", "king hat", and ooh, BURN!. I should write about the cruise more later; someone remind me. :)

? There was someone at dinner one night on the cruise who was the spitting image of someone I miss dreadfully in his early 20s. It was...disconcerting.

+ Already registered for JCCC3, to be held sometime in Feb. or Mar. of next year.

- My NP wants me to go for a second round of bloodwork because my physical indicated that it's possible I'm in the early stages of hypothyroidism. Huzzah!

-- I just yesterday got a notice that my insurance company is denying my claim for any of the work on my two crowns as "medically unnecessary"; of course this happens between the time the temporary crowns went on and my appointment next week to get the permanent ones installed. Not that they were going to cover much of it anyway since crowns + associated work = ~3k and yearly max dental benefit TOTAL = 1500. But still, I don't want to be on the hook for that other 1k or so that was left in my benefit. Time to swing by the dentist and ask the to kick up a fuss, I guess. Meh.
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Back from JoCo Cruise Crazy, had a fantastic time and absolutely no internet of any sort for the last week, and now I have to get used to a marked lack of folded towel animals on my bed in the evening and delivery of milk and cookies in the middle of the night. Also, not sure how I'm going to make it through this upcoming week now that I can no longer take a nap at 2 PM every day. Longer write up may follow later, but the executive summary reads something like "Oh man, did I ever need that."


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