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And now comes the “Hopeless Wanderer” video, which features an all-star cast of famous comedy bros — Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Will Forte, noted bluegrass aficionado Ed Helms — all doing their best Mumford impressions and making what might be the most Mumford video of all-time. The video stays pretty straight-faced most of the way, which only serves to further skewer the band’s deathlessly sincere old-timey pose. And honestly, isn’t it a little bit brave for a band to hire famous people to make their whole thing look stupid in their own music video? I think it is. Either way, whether you enjoy liking or detesting this band, it’s a fun video. (Stereogum)

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I have no idea where this came from, I got it as a bare link. And then I cackled like a loon.

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[ profile] scott_lynch's post re: the manga adaptation of Scalzi's epic The Shadow War of the Night Dragon and the comment thread that followed was the best thing I read all day yesterday. Even including Mr. Lynch's earlier post about bunny- and rainbow-powered Macs.

I said it last year and I'll say it again: I would read the hell out of the Night Dragon book if Scalzi actually wrote it.
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Donuts and Bacon: Taste we can Believe in - blue shirt
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So what were the skies like when you were young?
I told you! They were grey, and monotonous, and dull.

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Allsorts are SRS BZNS.
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I'm not familiar with this at all, nooooOOOOOOooooo.

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My employer gives us "summer hours" between June and September, meaning one of our options is to work an extra hour for eight days during the two-week pay period and take a day off. Since I figure I'm usually in the office until 7 anyway, might was well take advantage of it this year. Yay, day off. Of course I still have to get up to take C. to work, but I did get to sleep in for an extra hour. Plans for today: do laundry, clean the house enough that I'm not entirely mortified when company comes over this evening, laughing at the cat sitting on the deck and guarding my tomato plant from the marauding squirrels (who recently stole and ate half of the one absolutely perfectly ripe tomato on said plant), and then a date night that will involve going to Grand Mart to pick up some bao for dinner. Tomorrow is a birthday party and perhaps the Simpsons movie, Sunday afternoon is the Fringe Festival performance of Much Ado About Nothing. Somewhere in there I should sit down and breathe.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you for your amusementWikipedia's lamest edit wars. Some highlights:

Eris (dwarf planet)
Was Eris named after the Greek goddess Eris or the Greek and Discordian goddess Eris? Does it matter that the IAU and discoverer Michael E. Brown referenced only the Greek aspect, even though the referenced mythological event was identical with The Original Snub? Is mentioning Discordianism POV because it gives the religion undue weight? Edit war results in loss of good article status and temporary article locking. War finally resolved by not actually mentioning what type of goddess Eris is. See also: Pluto.

Lady Jane Grey
Was she really a Queen of England? Should her page be at Jane of England or Lady Jane Grey? Should she be referred to as Her Majesty Queen Jane? Does her husband merit inclusion in List of royal consorts of the United Kingdom? Resulted in many cut-and-paste page moves, edit warring across multiple pages and flaming on those talk pages. Warriors did not come to their senses even when it was pointed out how long Jane herself had been dead.

Anonymous user with a bone to pick spends more than half year on a crusade to discredit the subject and to promote a boycott. Page is protected multiple times, several sockpuppets are blocked, threats are made to bring Wikipedians before an Attorney General for consumer fraud, blocking an entire ISP is tried. Edit war stops as abruptly as it started, with the anonymous editor's final edit summary stating that he was personally defrauded by the company because they betrayed Macintosh customers by supporting Windows, or something like that.
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I think I'm going to have to adopt this one.
(original at

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Ever wonder what would happen if you got Warren Ellis and Joss Whedon involved in the same comment thread? Well, now you know.
28. Joss Whedon Says:
February 16th, 2006 at 7:29 pm

Wow, we both went right to the cross-dressing humor! This is just like the Algonquin round table, except there’s only two of us, and no table, and no particular surfeit of wit, and no great certainty about how spell ‘Algonquin’. Huzzah!

(link via [ profile] elynne)
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From [ profile] 21406 via [ profile] soaring_phoenix:

A moving tribute to a man's real first love.

*sniffle* That's beautiful, man. You really rose to the occasion.
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My love for Keith Olbermann knows no bounds, thanks to things like this skewering of Bill O'Reilly. (Needs Quicktime and sound.) Mean-spirited, sure, but Bill really ought to be able to take it if he's going to insist on dishing it out loudly and often.

Seen all over the place, but most recently via [ profile] chadu.
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The third panel desperately needs to be iconified.
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[ profile] azurelunatic explains the last few days on LJ here. Put down your beverages before following the link.

(via [ profile] metaquotes)
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"[...]kind of like a girlfriend analog site"

"But it's the good kind of chewing your arm off."

"Does that map really say Mullet Street?"
"Yeah, but that's because down here it's not a hairstyle..." "It's a way of life!" "'s the fish."
(Probably not word-for-word accurate, but paraphrased.)
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Found in the Penny Arcade comments:

Icon ♥

I like the "iStuff 4x faster than things" in the strip. I'm sure I don't know anyone who might be making their first trip inside an Apple store in the next few days. ;)
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Nice Photoshop work, and I just choked on my Diet Coke. (via [ profile] pecunium)


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