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This is a wonderful bit of geekery, and I so want to put one together: Get Twitter alerts from your plants when they need watering.
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Because I'm a big ol' nerd, I'm going to go see "The Menagerie" on the big screen on Thursday night at Tyson's. It's gotta be the 10:30 show, because Mr. Pigglesworth has a vet appointment at 7. Wanna come with? Let me know tonight or tomorrow by noon, and I'll pick up tickets.
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First, a shameless plug: please go vote for [ profile] snipeyhead in Animal Planet's "Hero of the Year" contest.

Now, on to a couple of links from today's round of blog-skimming and web-wandering:



  • Steve Yegge's Good Agile, Bad Agile (via Dare Obasanjo), which both talks a bit about working at Google and includes this nugget of joy:
    So the consultants, now having lost their primary customer, were at a bar one day, and one of them (named L. Ron Hubbard) said: "This nickel-a-line-of-code gig is lame. You know where the real money is at? You start your own religion." And that's how both Extreme Programming and Scientology were born.

  • Theme day: The BileBlog has something to say about agile development too. It's seems like an uncharacteristically restrained post, but the comments section is being staffed by plenty of people with very strong opinions either way.

  • Today's Daily WTF (Define Failure As Success) made me snarf my Diet Coke, and then made my head hurt. From now on, perhaps I'll try that trick in my code too. Should make testing go much faster.

  • Coding Horror on testing. Make sure to check out the Did I Remember To testing checklist.

  • Creating Passionate Users on when ease-of-use goes wrong. Kathy's also looking for a web designer/developer to do some work on her Typepad-hosted blog.

Random stuff:
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Oy. From The Daily WTF (always good for making one feel not quite so alone when contemplating inflicting bodily harm on a coworker), a story about dealing with a small consulting company with "over twenty-five years combined experience working at Oracle Corporation". The email exchange begins with
We need your database in order to develop the reports
and triggers against it. Could you send a copy of your
production database?

and goes downhill rapidly from there, meandering by "please ship us your QA server" (not the database, the entire box) on its way to ending up with a request to "have your dba give us a call here and tell us what command to run to import a database". Perhaps they should've been more specific about the nature of their combined experience working for Oracle; one guy with around a year as a developer and four others with six years each in the mailroom?
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I think I'm going to have to adopt this one.
(original at


Mar. 17th, 2006 03:32 pm
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[ profile] nminusone may appreciate this, judging from the twitching that ensued when I forced him to look at some perl code. From the Tour de Babel, found via a link from Coding Horror:

There are "better" languages than Perl — hell, there are lots of them, if you define "better" as "not being insane". Lisp, Smalltalk, Python, gosh, I could probably name 20 or 30 languages that are "better" than Perl, inasmuch as they don't look like that Sperm Whale that exploded in the streets of Taiwan over the summer. Whale guts everywhere, covering cars, motorcycles, pedestrians. That's Perl. It's charming, really.

But Perl has many, many things going for it that, until recently, no other language had, and they compensated for its exo-intestinal qualities. You can make all sorts of useful things out of exploded whale, including perfume. It's quite useful. And so is Perl.

The author seems to like Ruby, which I suppose I might as well look at one of these days in the interests of keeping my brain from rusting. Someone on That List[tm] has been singing its praises for years, but it's not been high up on my priority list to spend any time on it.
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Today's Penny Arcade )
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Ever wonder what would happen if you got Warren Ellis and Joss Whedon involved in the same comment thread? Well, now you know.
28. Joss Whedon Says:
February 16th, 2006 at 7:29 pm

Wow, we both went right to the cross-dressing humor! This is just like the Algonquin round table, except there’s only two of us, and no table, and no particular surfeit of wit, and no great certainty about how spell ‘Algonquin’. Huzzah!

(link via [ profile] elynne)
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Via [ profile] boing_boing, Gizmodo had a contest in which they asked people to make music based on the sounds of Hitachi hard drives failing. I'd like to hear a longer version of the winning track; I even stopped cringing and forgot what it was I was hearing for a bit. ;)
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Lord help me. I've just installed the IE 7 beta. And I don't entirely hate it yet.

Tabbed browsing. Smaller toolbar. Integrated search in the toolbar. (Sounding a lot like Firefox so far.) Integrated RSS reader. So far I haven't run into any Javascript or CSS that is blatantly broken; some of it seems even marginally less broken than in IE 6.

The menu bar layout is odd: "back" and "forward" are round buttons to the left of the address bar, "refresh" and "stop" are in a completely different style and to the right of the address bar. The "open new tab" icon is not obvious until you happen to mouse over what looks like the stub of an empty tab, which makes the icon appear; not terribly intuitive I think.

I'm not going to give up Firefox no matter what, I loves me my extensions too much. As much as I hate to admit it though, IE 7 might turn out to be reasonably okay. Tabbed browsing makes me overlook some more minor faults, I think. [Edit: Except for the part where after running it for an hour with other applications open, my system is screaming at me to shut it down for $deity's sake and reboot please.]
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Today is Prickle-Prickle, day 9 in the season of Chaos, 3272.

In my ongoing quest to be more productive at work, I've installed a Greasemonkey script called Invisibility Cloak; when I try to access* or a few other sites, I instead get a nagging pop-up telling me that I can surf after 3 PM and I should get back to work. Once I post this, it's getting enabled.

No, really. I mean it. Seriously, I am!

If I was really dedicated, I'd block GMail too. I'm not even close to that dedicated though.
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Enter a couple hundred of your titles for free, or shell out $10 for a lifetime membership and enter all of them. If you've got everything entered into Readerware or a similar program already, apparently you can import that info into LibraryThing. Nifty.

I grabbed the contents of the closest two shelves and started entering stuff; if you're curious, my LibraryThing bookshelf is here.
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Today is Prickle-Prickle, day 50 in the season of Bureaucracy, 3271.
It is the sacred Season Holyday of Bureflux.

This weekend was packed and I'm still exhausted, what with faire on Saturday with friends and "Corpse Bride" and dinner last night with other friends and the insane idea of fixing all the ID3 tags on around 2500 MP3 files yesterday afternoon/evening rather than doing something productive like cleaning the bathroom or doing my homework, but I'll ramble about all that stuff later. First, this:

c-jump, the computer programming board game
(via Coding Horror)

And this, my favorite PostSecret entry to date. (This one is perfectly safe to look at in the office.) I confess to being addicted to PostSecret.
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Today is Setting Orange, day 49 in the season of Confusion, 3271.

Seen on a license plate last night:

I'm guessing that they weren't really referring to a way to schedule automated downloads of naughty pictures, but I could be wrong on that. [Edit: And given that the DMV says that "pr0ntab" is already taken, I probably am wrong. ;) ]
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Well, concurrent coffee amusement at any rate.

From comments on the (old) Good vs Evil post on The BileBlog, with a bit of trimming and formatting of the attribution lines to make the separation between comments clearer. (They're picking, by the way, on JSF - JavaServer Faces. Among many, many other things.)

Why are you guys picking on the Joint Strike Fighter? Its an amazing machine!

Also, what does any of this have to do with car struts, your boss Jay, the Apache indians, solar eclipses, ideas, ants, tom-cats or coffee?!?

Or am I way off base?

Posted by Dat Guy

Ohhhh I get it now!!

I had no idea it mattered which way my Java Server Faces!!

South would be down, the devil is said to be down below, so south sounds bad to me. The devil is evil, right? West and East both face the sun at some point and I wouldn't want my Java Servers Face in the sun.

I guess that only leaves North or perhaps standing on end facing up??

What do you guys recommend? I am very concerned.

Posted by Dat Guy

I find that if you put the server upside down, it runs better, because all the electricity runs to the CPU.

Posted by Cameron

BileBlog also has the "ultimate summary" of every discussion thread ever at TheServerSide. A bit rude, but funny. (That pretty much sums up BileBlog most of the time, I think.)
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Barbie says: Determining what fundamental mathematical theorem you are is hard! )

(Wish I could stop reading that every single time as "abelian grapes".)

And in other earth-shattering news (lifted from [ profile] nikkinewsnet): The guy lip-synching to "Dragostea Din Tei" has been identified. And once again I get the song firmly wedged deep inside my brain just by mentioning it. Yikes.
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I will not spend all day playing with the new Mac. Won't. I have actual work to do, and I will do it. Uh huh, sure.
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Impatient much? )


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