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I think most of you who were mutual friends of ours probably know this from Facebook; if not, I am truly sorry if this is how you're finding out.

My former partner of 15 years and still very good friend Chris died unexpectedly last week. He had been ill, but this was a shock. I was worried about him since he wasn't answering chat/texts/phone calls and went over to check on him. I am still very much in shock, but I expect that will wear off soon and there will be some sort of breakdown. Even though our romantic relationship ended a while back, I still cared very much for him and am not sure how I'm going to adjust to not having him around. Please spare a thought also for his LDR girlfriend, who I am very sad to have met in these circumstances.

Some friends set up a community on Facebook where most folks seem to be these days: I hope that he realized how very much he was cared about by friends near and far.
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Today is Prickle-Prickle, day 7 in the season of The Aftermath, 3167.

Wildly appropriate, that is.

I want to put on my footie pajamas and curl up in bed with my cat and a big stack of difficult books and a mountain of stuffed animals and some lentil stew and not come out again until the spring. This is going to be a very long winter; normally I wouldn't be feeling this way until December or January. Need to devote some healing energy to myself instead of stressing about...stuff. And things. Lots of talking today. Answers not what I was hoping to hear, but better than being left wondering and imagining.

I need another tattoo. For much the same reason as I needed the original. Unfortunately the design I had in mind is similar (but at least not identical) to the design someone else just mentioned wanting as their next ink - a phoenix. Its flight has been said to represent the capacity to leave the world and its problems behind, flying towards the sun in clear pure skies. If only...


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