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I had to be home today because the county inspector's supposed to be here "between 9 and 3", and I decided that I am in the sort of mental state where "take PTO" was the right decision rather than "work from home". Unfortunately, I can't actually go run any errands until the inspector comes and goes, or go work upstairs because I might not hear the doorbell when he does show up. I'm trying to not spend the whole day sprawled on the sofa watching cartoons and being a mopey lump, so I put on my shoegaze-ish Pandora station and I'm trying the "do 15 minutes' worth of cleaning and then take a short break" method. Make the job smaller.

I can't wait for therapy day, but distraction via housecleaning is probably not a bad thing either. Perhaps if I get some noticeable amount of housework done, I will feel less like a complete failure. :-/
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Well, not so much with the science, but I am still alive to the best of my knowledge.

So what's been up? There was the Cheesecake Factory birthday outing wherein we managed to give the manager a bit of a heart attack by coming in with a group of 14 at 7:30 PM on a Saturday. Worked out pretty well though; we waited for far shorter a time than I would've expected. The up-until-now-traditional trip to Malibu Grill was discontinued due to skepticism over recent reviews the place has gotten since it was bought and half the restaurant was converted to a Chinese restaurant. o_O Sounds like service has gone way downhill from its already middle-of-the-road levels. Anyhoo, I am now the owner of a coupon that gets me twelve half-price dinners at Texas de Brazil in Fair Oaks, so I may just propose a "stuff yourself with meat or a decent salad bar dinner" outing soonish.

I've been really enjoying one of my birthday presents: a Sony Reader Touch Edition. I wasn't sure how much I'd really want to read on it given that reading long blocks of text on a screen is usually tiring for me. The E-Ink display is actually really nice; I've been able to read for several hours at a time without any problem. It's been a pleasant surprise. Backlighting might be nice, but it's plenty usable even without.

Speaking of which, I've been working my way through the contents of the Hugo Voter's Packet; I read Boneshaker, The City & The City, and Palimpsest when they came out, and now I've gotten through The Windup Girl, The God Engines and The Women of Nell Gwynne's. Now, will I remember to vote this year?

My present to myself was a used Nikon D50 DSLR. I haven't had much chance to really play around with it yet, but I hope to get around to wading through the manual shortly.

Current obsession: Echo Bazaar, a browser-based game which I was introduced to by @matociquala and @ArachneJericho's Twitter posts. It's crazy addictive. Right, [ profile] datagoddess? ;) I am "geekchick, a [sic] intriguing and devious lady" over there.
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Currently trying to ungrump by watching "1776" on Netflix streaming and plotting the best non-crazy-making location for watching the Fairfax fireworks show later this evening.
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Got to spend part of the morning standing out on the deck in my pajamas and with a big cup of coffee, enjoying the sunshine while talking to Surprise!Houseguest and watching a hummingbird at the feeder just a few feet away (but on the wrong side of the plant for photos).

Of course the fact that I had to put on clothes and go to the office kinda ruined things, but what are ya gonna do?  *grumble* 
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Things I meant to do today, since the cat woke me up at 9:30:
* Feed and medicate the cat
* Call the cat's cardiologist about the new prescription she wants to give him
* Clean at least two of the three bathrooms
* Clean the kitchen
* Clean out the refrigerator
* Start on the badly-needed carpet cleaning
* Start closet-cleaning and put together bags for Goodwill
* Catch up on email
* Profit!

Things what I have done today:
* Fed and medicated the cat
* Gone to Bob Evans for breakfast
* Paged through all 112 pages of "books we currently have on order" on the library's website and put a bunch of stuff on hold.
* Bought two new domain names for resurrecting my resume/professional-type site. (No, my job is most emphatically not in danger.)

Note how with one tiny (and incredibly insistent) exception, none of the items on the latter list match up at all with the items on the former. *sigh* And instead of starting on any of that list, I think we're going to go to the maul. At least that involves getting out of the house, so there's that.
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Day one of vacation involved spending a good chunk of the day shampooing the living room carpet. Day two and day three have been not nearly as productive, although I did at least manage to get to the grocery store, buy an 18 pound turkey, and not kill anyone in the process. Dinner tomorrow seems to have morphed into "dinner for 15". Aieee!

Still to do tonight: clean the fish tank, move all the crap out of the dining room and run the Roomba (sans kitty passenger) since it's getting too late to haul out the full-sized vacuum tonight, move one 6' table down from upstairs into the living room, figure out if I even have enough silverware for 15 people, figure out what else I forgot at the grocery store, and at least make the cranberry relish.

We're birdsitting a friend's budgie for the weekend, and he seems to be quite fond of Emma Shapplin and her "Etterna" CD. He's currently singing along quietly to "Un Sospir' di Voi"; it's pretty darn cute. Apparently less fond of The Beatles. Of course I'm also going to have to see whether he likes Siouxsie, on general principle.
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For the first time ever, I managed to both remember it was farmers market day and get out of the house in time to get to the Burke Farmers Market; granted, I didn't get there until half an hour before they closed, but still. (Why are so many farmers markets locally scheduled from like 8-noon on Tuesday mornings when people, y'know, have to go to work?) I took $20 with me, and returned with a big bunch of radishes, three cucumbers, a bit more than a pint of yellow cherry tomatoes (well, somewhat less than a pint now OM NOM NOM), four bell peppers of the purple and yellow varieties, good-sized green and white acorn squash, and a wedge of chipotle cheddar cheese. I passed on the apples this time; this is the time of year that you can drive out towards Shenandoah and buy apples at the local roadside stands, so you get both tasty locally-grown apples *and* a road trip. The remaining $4 or so from my $20 bill went into the Obama/Biden donations jar, so a bumper sticker is also technically part of my haul. Let's see if people can refrain from vandalizing my car this time.

It is a glorious day today; if you're local, you should really consider heading outside. I think I'm going to do some housecleaning until C. wakes up (or I wake him up) and then maybe go to Burke Lake or some other spot I can putter around outdoors.

Two things completely unrelated to the farmers market or even each other:

What if Raffi started a hardcore punk band?

If you use or are thinking of using for dining gift certificates, they've got a 70% off coupon good until Monday 10/13, with $25 gift certificates going for $3. Enter Discount Code: SAVE At Checkout and Hit "APPLY"
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FYI, Capital Fringe tickets are on sale now. Bunches of things I wouldn't mind seeing, maybe.

Things what I did this past weekend(-ish):

  • Spent a lovely evening hanging out with CU and G before she headed back north.

  • Took the guinea pig to the vet because the Baytril seemed to not be working as well on his infection anymore. Am now pretty worried that the poor piggers might be suffering from something like renal failure, since he's lost a lot of weight and appears to be a bit dehydrated in spite of drinking a lot. The vet wants to do some blood work, but for the draw they need to anesthetize him and poke a major vein. So that's something else we have to worry about, anesthesia for a five year old guinea pig (although the vet thinks he's a reasonable candidate for it, so that's a bit reassuring). At least he seems fairly happy in general, despite whatever health problems he's got going on. (Why can't my pets have their expensive medical problems when all the humans in the house are employed? *sigh*)

  • Went out to College Park to CDepot to walk a friend through the CD selling process, and successfully failed to bring any new-to-me CDs home. Yay.

  • Went duckpin bowling since the alley is right next to the CD store, and proceeded to bowl what I think was almost certainly the worst game ever. (I think I bowled a 44, and had at least two frames where I scored a big ol' zero. Woo!) It was fun though.

  • Discovered that I find the texture of bubble tea to be really off-putting. o_O

  • Saw three of the SILVERDOCS entries: Left in Baghdad, Bulletproof Salesman, and Bi the Way. Didn't manage to see In the Family, but it's apparently screening at E Street next month a couple of times, and I think I'll try to see it then.

  • Went to Costco in Pentagon City yesterday, and remembered why I'd rather poke angry badgers with spoons than go to that particular outpost on the weekend ever again. Chantilly Costco and their enormous parking lot FTW.

  • Staged a rescue mission for an enormous teddy bear that had been left on the curb to await today's trash pick up, because that made me sad. (It's headed for a couple of weeks in well-sealed trash bags in case of hitchhikers and then perhaps the laundromat and their much-larger dryers for good measure, once I stitch up the ripped seam.) Yes, I'm a big ol' sap. What of it?

This week: lots of testing to do at work, and I'm already wishing I'd brought more Claritin with me and passed on the Red Bull I had at 7:30 last night, which I suspect is related to the "awake until 4:30 AM" thing.
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Friday night [ profile] nminusone and I met up with a whole host of folks to say hi to [ profile] rednikki and [ profile] mycranium1, who were in town for the weekend. I'm pretty sure I never caught the names of the folks on the far end of the table that I didn't already know, but I think [ profile] chadu has a list over at his place. One idea that was strongly reinforced during the course of the evening: the world, she is very, very small.

the rest is back here )

I was so close to calling in today; my sinuses have been draining for two weeks, and the coughing is keeping me from sleeping very well. I should make a doctor's appointment to get a refill on my albuterol and another prescription for an Advair diskus, and maybe see if I can get some of the Really Good allergy drugs (if such things exist); the OTC Claritin just doesn't seem to be working for me this year. Coworker called in today with allergy-related trouble as well, so I'd have been extra-screwed if I'd not come in today. I'm sorely tempted to say "screw it" and go home for a nap anyway because I have the dumb and I can't brain.
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I got pretty much sweet f##k-all done this weekend. Friday, [ profile] nminusone and I revived the old "Chinese takeout and a movie" date night, hooked up the laptop to the TV, and watched "The Core" courtesy of Netflix streaming. That movie is so godawful that it wraps back around to being pretty entertaining. How on earth did they get Stanley Tucci and Hilary Swank to sign on for this?

Saturday I'd meant to do some cleaning and some working outside on the front floodplain lawn. Instead, I spent the day reading Small Favor. I liked it, I think it might be one of my favorites of the series to date. Hulu provided us with BSG 4.1, thank goodness, so I don't have to bother turning back on cable TV service to see it, if I'm willing to wait for a day.

Yesterday I did actually manage to do some kitchen cleaning and a few loads of laundry, and stumbled across--[ profile] chadu, cover your eyes--a Dresden Files fic community devoted to Bob/Harry. My brain envisions that pairing as, of course, Paul Blackthorne and Terrence Mann and then I kinda flail about going "ohIwanttowatchthosetwomakeoutlikewhoa" and all productive thought stops for a while. Later there was lunch and some hanging-out time with Boyfriend[2], whom I kindly did not traumatize by going on about DF slash, and I read about half of The Wild Trees. That book has a good description of the sort of acrophobia I experience. Even being near windows in a tall building causes a physical reaction (in my case, my feet start tingling like circulation is returning to them) and there's a feeling that I should throw myself off whatever high place I happen to be. Boyfriend[2] has a 16th-floor balcony, and I sometimes have a very hard time getting myself out there because I'm afraid I'm going to find myself climbing over the railing. Note: that's not because I'm in the least suicidal (I'm not), there's just something in the back of my brain saying that it would be an intense experience, and don't I want to try it?

Today I'm trying to get a Twiki upgrade from Cairo to Freetown working without completely mangling plugin customizations; that's what I've been doing for the last 5+ hours, yay. Hopefully I'll work myself up to spending half an hour or so decluttering tonight; trying to do any one room is kind of overwhelming if I try to do it all at once, but half an hour at a time ought to be manageable. At some point, I should also write up an intro post for [ profile] crankysavers and catch up on some email that needs answering. I'm not holding my breath for that though, nor should anyone else. =/
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Things accomplished today:

  • Got rickrolled by LJ, right off the bat. Oh, the embarrassment. Apparently that was the prank du jour for a lot of sites; none of them were anywhere NEAR as funny as the rickroll via singing telegram though.
  • Didn't kill anyone all day. (Two more hours to go though as I type this, so maybe I shouldn't speak too soon.)
  • Got a fair amount of tedious but necessary work done. Allergies have kicked in, so I'm both tired and stupid all day long and "tedious, but necessary" is about the right speed.
  • Dicovered I'm boned on the RAID setup; Intel tells me that the only way I'll be able to get it working is to wipe my primary drive and set up a new volume. Yeah, no.
  • Actually left the office for 90 minutes or so mid-afternoon to go get some coffee and enjoy the fact that it was 80 freakin' degrees and sunny.
  • Picked up the new Dresden Files book, although I am trying to convince myself to finish "King Solomon's Ring" first.
  • Ran across one of the Pinecone Research banners and signed up; a couple extra bucks here and there wouldn't be a bad thing.
  • No carry-out meals consumed at all today. Actually cooked a real meal (as opposed to take-out or just having a bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese or the like) for the first time in a while: black beans and rice with sausage, topped with chicken breast solidly coated in a mixture of a bit of flour, a whole lot of Penzeys' Cajun seasoning, not quite as much Penzeys' red and black pepper blend, chipotle seasoning, and a little paprika and then pan-fried. Om nom nom nom.

I think the rest of the night will be devoted to taking some Claritin, watching a bit of tv via Hulu, and then crawling into bed by midnight since thanks to allergy season kicking into high gear, I appear to be needing at least seven solid hours of sleep in order to even drag my butt out of bed.
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Oooh, handy (from release 24):

* Special icon for custom-filtered groups for journal owners
* Displaying (to the journal owner) the list of groups an entry is filtered to

Today I'd wanted to make some progress on several different projects I need to work on. (Okay, really I just wanted to make sure I didn't spend half my day refreshing the ol' f-list.) To try and keep myself on track, I set up bunch of alarms to mark when I should move from one project to the next. Great in theory, but in practice I've spent all day trying to get the stuff that I meant to move off of at 2:30 working. At least that's the highest priority project I have at the moment, so I don't count it a total waste. Still have a nagging little problem with one script that requires more work, but I'm done for tonight. Time to go forage for dinner, since once again I pretty much forgot to eat lunch. Go me.

I've been playing with Delicious Glue to post links and it seems to be working okay for the most part. I've done a little bit of tweaking to add in a couple more options, but I want to do some more modifications. In particular, I think I'd like to add an lj-cut if the list is longer than three or four entries, lest I get messages of DOOM and WOE like LoudTwitter seems to engender.

A couple people have posted this recently, and I'm reposting because it makes me happy, dammit: Stephen Colbert dancing montage fanvid set to the Scissor Sisters' "I Don't Feel Like Dancing". And since I'm currently addicted to the song itself, here's the Hayseed Dixie version (paging [ profile] curiousangel ;)) and the Scissor Sisters original.
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Visit to the Baltimore Aquarium today aborted mid-trip, since rain and traffic would've put us there around 3:30. $22 each for 90 minutes at most didn't seem worth it, so maybe we'll try again next weekend. Instead we did a little last minute shopping, then stopped by to feed and entertain the princess kitty that I'm looking in on for a few days this week. Frankly, I can't believe I'm still awake. Except for roughly 45 minutes this morning, I've been up for about 36 hours or so; I consumed too much caffeine too late last night I think and then proceeded to stay up all night reading the Black Jewels Trilogy omnibus. Finished book one ("Daughter of the Blood"), within 100 pages of finishing book two ("Heir to the Shadows"). I'm almost completely certain that I won't start on "Queen of the Darkness" tonight; at least I hope I won't. Sleep is good. We like sleep.

For the Venture Brothers fans, this year's holiday present from the fine folks over at AstroBase Go is up: The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend covering one of my favorite Christmas tunes, "Fairytale of New York". (Links there to the previous three holiday tunes as well.)
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I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. (Okay, it's really more that I seriously do not want to go back to work tomorrow.) Friday evening [ profile] nminusone and I met up with the fabulous [ profile] jessicamelusine and friends to see "Elizabeth: The Golden Age". "Textile porn", Salon called it, and I don't disagree. Historically accurate? Probably not so much, but very, very pretty. It was very nice to finally meet MzMelusine in person, which I hadn't quite managed to do yet for various and sundry reasons. Got home late, took Nyquil, passed out.

Yesterday Chris and I trekked down to the Green Valley Book Fair. Sorry, but it was kind of a last-minute trip and so I didn't extend an invitation to other folks. There's another iteration coming up in late November I think, maybe we can plan a group road trip. It worked out to being something like four hours of driving for an hour and a half at the warehouse, but this wasn't a problem. I really don't need any more books to add to the "to be read" stack, but I still ended up with a decent haul. ) You see why this is a dangerous place for a book addict.

Part of the reason we didn't stay longer was that we had tickets to see Issa, formerly known as Jane Siberry. She was quirky (to say the least) and charming, as always. Since I'd last kept up with her, she's changed her name, given away or sold almost all of her worldly possessions, and moved all of the music to which she controls the rights online with a self-determined pricing model. I have to say, I had a brief moment of envy because I am not brave enough to travel the world living out of a knapsack right now.

Today I skipped the Marshall Crenshaw show in favor of hanging out with [ profile] chadu, during which it was discovered that I cry like a baby during "Nature" specials involving animals. Newborn baby polar bear and mama? Tears. (Contemplating polar bears and the fact that they may not exist in the wild for much longer makes me sad.) Watching chimps from animal research labs being too scared at first to leave their transport carriers and step onto the grass at their new sanctuary home? Tears. Seeing the chimp who is primarily responsible for the fact that we have a hepatitis vaccine today and who died a few days after the footage was shot? Lots and lots of tears. Being sure that something bad's about to happen to an hours-old foal who can't stand up for some reason? Gotta leave the room, seriously. Watching Shirley and Jenny at the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee? Tears. Listening to Shirley's keeper of 22 years at her previous zoo home say goodbye and talk about how happy he was that she'd never have to wear a chain again? Ohgod, when he started crying, it was all over for me. Don't tell anyone, okay? It can be our little secret.
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Get home from the office a wee bit after 4 AM; naturally, problem has resolved itself without my needing to actually be there, but that wasn't the case when I left the house at 2:30. Get back into pjs, crawl into bed again, finish off the glass of Bailey's I'd started on before I had to get out of bed and go to office, pass out around 4:30.

Wake up, for some value of such, at 8:30. Tell Chris to wake up me for reals when he gets out of the shower. Get up sometime between 9 and 9:20. Wish that I had thought to set up coffee before going to sleep. Take Chris to work.

Stop at Wegmans in Sterling on the way back to pick up vegetables that I'd forgotten to get yesterday for the guinea pig , plus some salad ingredients and a loaf of apple cider bread for me. Leave the parking lot, start to merge onto 28, wonder why the car is so sluggish today; realize that I haven't disengaged the parking brake. Oops. Promptly go ingest some caffeine.

Get home, feed "starving" pig. Get online, check personal and work email (only once, I swear!), insist to person I'm chatting with that I'm going to go take a nap because my head hurts from teh tired. Put on sleep mask, lie down under cozy blanket, proceed to utterly fail at sleep.

Give up on nap, go to Lowes to get an air filter and some planters to replace the wooden ones that were sitting in front of the steps and were falling apart. Apparently, I had my "talk to me, I don't mind!" aura turned on today, because Random Customer walks up to me and proceeds to talk to me for the rest of the time we're in the store. Must've been the big, black circles under the eyes today that made me look extra-friendly.

Come home, putter around and do not much that I can recall until 3:30 when I go out to play in the dirt. I now have new planters full of Peach Melba and Palace Purple coral bells.

I am more than ready to take a nap now, naturally, since that will completely screw up my sleep schedule. And I have homework to do and turn in somewhere between now and midnight as well.
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My biggest issue with local farmers' markets is that they tend to take place 8-noon on Tuesday mornings or the like, which means I can't ever get to one without taking at least part of the day off work. (Yes, Dupont Circle is an exception to that, but it's quite a trek from here.) There is finally one that I know about taking place at a civilized time: 9 to 1 on Sundays, in the parking lot of the new Whole Foods in Fair Lakes. Being new, it's fairly small right now but we still came back with a decent haul: a couple of pounds of peaches and nectarines, a pint of assorted cherry tomatoes,an extra-leafy celery, pesto, applewood smoked mozzarella (mmmm), some salsa and some honey/spiced cider jelly. Yummy. I think lunch will be tomatoes and mozzarella, maybe with some pesto.

Yesterday was an early birthday celebration, involving a viewing of "Stardust" (which holds up very well to a second viewing, and I suspect will be just as good on the third) followed by drinks and appetizers at the Evening Star Cafe. Their wine list is so long it has a table of contents. *squee* (Basically, it's whatever's in stock at the wine store next door.) Dinner was a plate of heirloom tomatoes with basil vinaigrette and grilled ricotta and almond-crusted brie with truffle honey and Granny Smith apple slices. The original plan was to go to the Majestic Lounge, but probably unsurprisingly it was pretty packed at 10:30 on Saturday night. I hadn't been to Del Ray before, but I can definitely see the appeal of the neighborhood. (I'm not sure how old that article is; I think I'd count myself lucky to find a house there right now for only $550,000.)

Friday [ profile] nminusone and I went to see "The Bourne Ultimatum". Word of advice: take Dramamine. If you've seen the first two movies, this shouldn't be a surprise. There was only one scene though where the camera work and on-screen action made me feel really queasy. I liked it well enough, and it was nice to have an evening out with Chris.

The rest of the day I think will be spent doing some laundry and maybe yard work out front. I also noticed this morning that The Vita Ruins are playing at Iota tonight, and I'll probably flip a coin around 6:00 to decide whether I want to trek over there.
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My employer gives us "summer hours" between June and September, meaning one of our options is to work an extra hour for eight days during the two-week pay period and take a day off. Since I figure I'm usually in the office until 7 anyway, might was well take advantage of it this year. Yay, day off. Of course I still have to get up to take C. to work, but I did get to sleep in for an extra hour. Plans for today: do laundry, clean the house enough that I'm not entirely mortified when company comes over this evening, laughing at the cat sitting on the deck and guarding my tomato plant from the marauding squirrels (who recently stole and ate half of the one absolutely perfectly ripe tomato on said plant), and then a date night that will involve going to Grand Mart to pick up some bao for dinner. Tomorrow is a birthday party and perhaps the Simpsons movie, Sunday afternoon is the Fringe Festival performance of Much Ado About Nothing. Somewhere in there I should sit down and breathe.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you for your amusementWikipedia's lamest edit wars. Some highlights:

Eris (dwarf planet)
Was Eris named after the Greek goddess Eris or the Greek and Discordian goddess Eris? Does it matter that the IAU and discoverer Michael E. Brown referenced only the Greek aspect, even though the referenced mythological event was identical with The Original Snub? Is mentioning Discordianism POV because it gives the religion undue weight? Edit war results in loss of good article status and temporary article locking. War finally resolved by not actually mentioning what type of goddess Eris is. See also: Pluto.

Lady Jane Grey
Was she really a Queen of England? Should her page be at Jane of England or Lady Jane Grey? Should she be referred to as Her Majesty Queen Jane? Does her husband merit inclusion in List of royal consorts of the United Kingdom? Resulted in many cut-and-paste page moves, edit warring across multiple pages and flaming on those talk pages. Warriors did not come to their senses even when it was pointed out how long Jane herself had been dead.

Anonymous user with a bone to pick spends more than half year on a crusade to discredit the subject and to promote a boycott. Page is protected multiple times, several sockpuppets are blocked, threats are made to bring Wikipedians before an Attorney General for consumer fraud, blocking an entire ISP is tried. Edit war stops as abruptly as it started, with the anonymous editor's final edit summary stating that he was personally defrauded by the company because they betrayed Macintosh customers by supporting Windows, or something like that.


Jul. 21st, 2007 12:05 pm
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$589 that I didn't really have later, I have my old car back in my possession and tow-proof. Yay. As I've said before, when I get around to actually buying a house of my own, the #1 non-negotiable requirement will be "absolutely *no* homeowners' association".

Backstory for those who hadn't seen it: it seems the fine, upstanding folks in the HOA of the neighborhood I rent in had my old Protege towed because of an expired safety inspection sticker. Since the car isn't being driven right at the moment for reasons a bit complicated to get into and it's not parked in the main lot, I didn't notice what had happened for two days and it ended up costing me $450 to get it back from the towing company.

I gotta find a way to get into a racket that lets me steal someone's property (er, wait, it's not actually stealing because they don't at first intend to permanently deprive you of your property or something like that), charge $50 a day for nothing more than parking a car on my lot, and then confiscate the car and sell it off if I don't get huge stacks of cash within a certain time frame.

I can't believe it's noon and I've already been up for four and a half hours, gone to Sears for tires, Silver Diner for pancakes and a vat of coffee, Pep Boys for a brake light bulb and some engine cleaner, Shell for an inspection, and been back home for twenty minutes or so. Those who know me know how extremely unusual it is for me to be awake and highly productive before noon on Saturdays.

It's a gorgeous day outside, sunny and about 79 degrees, and I think I'm going to try to find something to do that lets me take advantage of that. The fact that my copy of Deathly Hallows will not show up on my doorstep until sometime after 4 PM (if past performance is indicative of future results) makes that an easier decision.
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Mountains have been formed and worn away at a faster pace than the local Social Security office processes customers. All I needed was a replacement card, (just one replacement card, and SHE WOULDN'T GIVE IT TO ME! *ahem* Sorry.) which takes about 5 minutes at the window. I got there at 9:09 according to my ticket, and I got out of there at 10:40.

Anyway. I have a receipt now that confirms my SSN, so I can send that info off to the state to claim some money apparently owed me. I got the follow-up letter telling me what it is, but not how much yet. I thought it might just be an old negligible utility deposit, but it turns out that waiting for me are a state tax refund check, an expense check from three employers ago ([ profile] madbodger, remember our common employer now out in Ashburn? Yeah, them. *boggle*), and something payroll-related from four employers ago. I'm a bit croggled that I'd have failed to claim any of this stuff if I knew it was coming to me. Trust me, when I left that earliest employer I was not in a position where I could blithely write off any pay that I knew was owed me; for all its other benefits, academia does not pay well.

Somewhat related to the first paragraph up there, y'all should consider yourselves warned: I'm in a pretty foul mood today. On top of being cranky and stressed, I'm also feeling extra insecure. That there's a stellar combination, I tell you. I emphatically don't recommend it. So hey, why don't I put on one of the most melancholy songs I happen to own because that'll surely help the mood!
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Yay, Panera. Free wifi (as opposed to the $10/day Starbucks wants), plus the strawberry poppyseed salad is back. Yum.

Sheesh. Don't read LJ for one day, and even just the "individual people" reading list is up to "skip=150". I think I'll be making more use of reading filters for the next week or so; it's nothing personal, just a matter of not having time right now to keep up with everyone/everything.

Weekend in review: fabulous date, mystery pizza, housecleaning, birthday party, eye candy, cake and death, lots of reading, all good. Dehydration hangover and crippling flare-up of plantar fasciitis this morning, not so good. Time to snag some files from work so I can try and get some stuff done tonight, given that the first half of this week is crazy busy in the office, and head back home. Need to remember to fill out the Wegmans application tonight as well and turn it in.

[Edit: Iiiiiinteresting. This was sent by email around 5 PM, since I couldn't post using a client or the web interface. Looks like it took almost seven hours to get posted. Yay DDOS.]


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