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I suppose I shouldn't laugh (and I do feel bad for the users who lost their content), but the Google ad on the right side of the page? Insult to injury, even if the injury in question was pretty much self-inflicted.

D'oh! )

Backstory for those who missed it: apparently lost all of their data recently because they were relying on RAID rather than doing regular backups of their database. (That's bad.) They're strongly implying that the initial data loss might've been sabotage, but who knows?
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I'm clearly not meant to rename my LJ account; it looks like I've accidentally deleted the rename token I bought. Again. *facepalm*


Nov. 3rd, 2006 02:50 pm
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I forgot that The Beautiful South were playing the 9:30 tonight. Do I want to try and make it, give that it's an early show?
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Well. My day's already off to a stellar start. Nothing like fighting huge traffic backups that nearly double your commute time to come in to an email pointing out a pretty big fsck-up on your part, eh?

At least there's "Clerks II" and beer in my future. I could probably use them both a little sooner though. Like right about now.
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I have tickets to see Jon Stewart tonight.

Somewhere. *turns the office upside down looking for the spot she stashed them in*

[Edit: Found them. I normally put tickets on the side of the refrigerator; since they weren't there, I assumed I'd moved them upstairs with some mail in one of my periodic "I can't take the clutter in here anymore" sweeps of the counters. Turns out they were still in the kitchen underneath a pile of mail that needs sorting. That could've sucked out loud.

Now I just have to hope it doesn't rain tonight, because I didn't feel like shelling out $75 each for pavilion tickets.]
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Y'know, I should've probably gone out to get something to eat for lunch before I dropped off my car at the mechanic. *facepalm*

That's me, sharpest crayon in the box of rocks. ;)
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I remembered today to actually put my morning vitamins in a pill case so I could take them with me and choke them down when I get to the office. I promptly walk out of the house, leaving the filled pill case sitting someplace that wasn't my purse, I'm guessing it's on the island in the kitchen. Second day in a row I've forgotten them.

Then I get to the office, where I've been discovering all sorts of little inconsistencies in a database stemming from a bit of a data reformatting that I'd done a while ago. Nothing horrendous, but they still need to be straightened out and so I take care of that. Whereupon I discover that straightening out a few of those minor inconsistencies has introduced a much more serious problem. Luckily it's all something that I can fix, although there are several steps involved that all have to be done by hand and it's tedious. But it's done now and I think everything's okay at the moment.

I forgot about a concall I needed to be on at 1 and was about to go out to Warrenton and pick up lunch for the office. Luckily one of my coworkers remembered and asked me about it in time for me to dial in.

I just remembered that I should check on my order that I expected earlier in the week. UPS tells me it was delivered to my front door on Monday afternoon, which is odd because I certainly didn't see a package from them out there at any point this week among the other packages that did show up. Oh, hey, look at that; they delivered it to my old apartment. I guess when I updated my address with them it was only the billing address. Oops. I hope whoever lives there now enjoys the giant bottle of Burt's Bees Rosewater & Glycerin toner and the, er, other stuff.

In the category of "things that don't suck" though, there's this wonderful cover that I'm listening to.
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Today is Boomtime, day 70 in the season of The Aftermath, 3271. (Ha! Indeed.)

Good: Making substantial progress on the project I wanted to have done by the end of the year. (The really hard part is done and the rest is mostly a little script tweaking as needed and data conversion).

Bad: Totally trashing my development server, which currently won't boot. (D'oh! Don't ask, really. )

Perspective: Having done this once now, I can fairly easily recreate the changes I made using copies I have on another machine. At least I was not working with a live server. I needed to wipe down this system and start fresh anyway, this is just a little more of a kick in the butt to actually do it. And hey, an excuse to try out Knoppix. If it was really a catastrophe, I wouldn't be laughing as I type this.
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Naturally, the day that I leave dinner simmering away in the crockpot (a barley/lentil stew, for the curious) while I go to work is the day that I get home to find Virginia Power trucks in the parking lot and our neighborhood completely without power. Apparently it was out long enough that the stew is lukewarm and still needs some undetermined amount of cooking time, the ice cream in the freezer is a little melty, and my cat has a complex. He's scared of the dark, y'see. No, really. If he's alone in the house and it's dark, he's completely neurotic by the time you get home and turn on a light.

[The icon, btw, has nothing specifically to do with this post. It just needed to be used.]
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Today is Pungenday, day 21 in the season of The Aftermath, 3271.

Seen in a couple of places on my f-list, the proposed Texas constitutional amendment that just passed (emphasis added):

SECTION 1. Article I, Texas Constitution, is amended by
adding Section 32 to read as follows:
Sec. 32. (a) Marriage in this state shall consist only of
the union of one man and one woman.
(b) This state or a political subdivision of this state may
not create or recognize any legal status identical or similar to

Should be interesting to see just how that gets interpreted.

[Edit:] Oooh. A loverly quote from the guy who helped write the amendment:
[Shackleford] acknowledged that most younger voters probably opposed the amendment.

"That's just a part of being young and immature," Mr. Shackelford said. He said that as young people "gain life experience," they'll "realize the importance" of traditional, heterosexual marriage.

Uh. Huh.


Oct. 18th, 2005 02:48 pm
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I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why my code just wouldn't make a connection to the SMTP server.
my $confirmation = Net::SMTP->new(Host => $smtpserver,
                                  Hello => $domain,
                                  Timeout => 30,
                                  Debug => 1);
die "Couldn't connect to server" unless $smtp;

*facepalm* Yeah, a little bit braindead today I think.

[Edit: And hey, look! My domain registration expired. In my defense, I have never seen a single notification letter or email about it. All set for the next two years though.]
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Today is Pungenday, day 64 in the season of Bureaucracy, 3271.

I just managed, while doing the "must be hand-washed" dishes, to slice the side of my thumb open...on a pot lid. o_O

Go me. At this rate, I'm afraid to get the carpet cleaner out; if I can injure myself on a pot lid, think what sort of damage I could manage to do with water and electricity.
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Hackers steal ID info from George Mason University. Apparently they nabbed information from a server that stored details relating to campus ID cards, including names, photos and SSNs for students, faculty and staff.

[GMU] also is home to the Information Security Institute, the Lab for Information Security Technology and the Center for Secure Information Systems, which has been designated a "Center of Academic Excellence" by the U.S. National Security Agency.



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