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I dare you not to squee while watching this.

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Forgive me a moment of squee:
Plushie Tasmanian Devil, eeeeeeee!!!! (Better even than the plush blue-footed booby, although it's a close race .)

Other WWF (symbolic) adoption options here; I believe all come with a plush version of the animal at a certain adoption level. I'm a little wigged out by the tarsier, I have to admit (even though the real thing is pretty cute); it's the enormous eyes.

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Okay, this cheered me up, at least briefly: Torchwood Babiez! (via [ profile] tafkarfanfic)

Awww, BabyIanto and his little Lisa doll!
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Seen in a couple of places: Hello Kitty S&M room in a Japanese love hotel. (Other room photos here). There's nothing blatantly NSFW in this particular photo, I don't think, but some others might be a little questionable. As always, use your own judgement.
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I'm installing that heat-shrink plastic insulation stuff over our wall o'useless glass tonight since it's started getting below freezing at night on a regular basis. Not a moment too soon, apparently, since the furmometer currently reads "about damn time".

Plus, new holiday icon from the upcoming Sky One production of "Hogfather", which hopefully will show up as a torrent roughly 30 seconds shortly after broadcast.

Will try to catch up on LJ soon. Dreading going back to the office tomorrow; no matter how long a vacation is, it always seems like it's been too short on the night before it officially ends.


Oct. 16th, 2006 01:02 am
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Before taking off for my drive, I spent some time installing the antenna for my XM receiver; this involved some running of wire through the engine compartment and the open driver's side door. Once I had the wire threaded through, I got in the car and closed the door that had been open throughout this experiment. As I'm fiddling with the receiver, I catch something in my peripheral vision and think to myself "Huh? I'm sure I didn't leave any sort of stuffed animal in the car other than the Pirate Stitch in the back window." I turned around to find this little guy sitting in the back seat and asking where we were headed.


Kitty took a tour of the back seat, stood up and looked out a window or two, and helpfully sat still long enough for me to snap a picture to show [ profile] nminusone. Once I stopped laughing, I got out and opened the back door, and we hopped out and wandered off. Must've snuck in through the open door while I had my head under the hood. No idea who this cat belongs to, if anyone, but I see it around the neighborhood pretty often and it's quite friendly. Obviously. I'm not entirely convinced it belongs to anyone here, since there's no collar and its fur often seems a bit dirty. It seems reasonably well-fed underneath all the poof though, so maybe it lives somewhere around the block.
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I admit it: this Cute Overload post had me squeeing at a pitch that only local canines could hear. Moose is the greatest hamster name ever. If I had one, I would totally feed it bunches of food bigger than its head.

My favorite of the series
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You guys have NO IDEA how desperately I need a knitted sock monkey hat. *glee*
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[ profile] nminusone, can I have him, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase????
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Spider-Man Panda Bear Autographed by Tobey Maguire, up for auction benefitting the World Wildlife Fund. Stuffed bears dressed up as something else are always incredibly cute, but this one is off the scale.

There are a bunch of other bears for auction here, like the Nicole Kidman "Moulin Rouge" bear, or the George Clooney "ER" bear, and one that includes four VIP tickets to "The Daily Show".
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First, blame [ profile] pickwick: Cute Overload tshirts. Eeeee!!!!

I'm fairly certain I've done something similar before, but I can't find it now. Since someone asked, though:
love languages quiz thingie )
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One of my holiday presents that [ profile] brian1789 brought back from his most recent trip to Japan.

Hello EGL Kitty! )
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Okay, nobody died (no matter how much they may have needed killin'), thus nobody's going to jail. I count today as overall a success.

Random notes that don't involve my being annoyed at anyone:

[ profile] 21406 is now open for all your (anonymous or not) crush-confession and general schmoopiness needs, and [ profile] simplykimberly had the cutest mail day ever. Peep!
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If only I'd known about this before I bought my new phone. I'm not generally interested in the Nokia phones, but...Kitty!

(And I haven't used a crimper in, oh, about 20 years, but this could be really funny.)
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Aww, it's a cute and cuddly Che Guevara.

They've also got other "Little Thinkers", because everybody needs a stuffed Nietzsche of their very own to cuddle. Or maybe a Freud doll that plays "Memories".
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I had no idea that wombats could ski. Oh, the cute!


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