May. 16th, 2008 03:05 pm
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See userpic.

I need, in no particular order, to have some lunch and a good cry.

[Edit: Cow orker fed me ice cream, which helped a little. Still highly irritated though. Storm warning still in effect, probably through the weekend.]
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Today is fired. I want it out of here right now, it can come back over the weekend to clean out its desk.
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Mountains have been formed and worn away at a faster pace than the local Social Security office processes customers. All I needed was a replacement card, (just one replacement card, and SHE WOULDN'T GIVE IT TO ME! *ahem* Sorry.) which takes about 5 minutes at the window. I got there at 9:09 according to my ticket, and I got out of there at 10:40.

Anyway. I have a receipt now that confirms my SSN, so I can send that info off to the state to claim some money apparently owed me. I got the follow-up letter telling me what it is, but not how much yet. I thought it might just be an old negligible utility deposit, but it turns out that waiting for me are a state tax refund check, an expense check from three employers ago ([ profile] madbodger, remember our common employer now out in Ashburn? Yeah, them. *boggle*), and something payroll-related from four employers ago. I'm a bit croggled that I'd have failed to claim any of this stuff if I knew it was coming to me. Trust me, when I left that earliest employer I was not in a position where I could blithely write off any pay that I knew was owed me; for all its other benefits, academia does not pay well.

Somewhat related to the first paragraph up there, y'all should consider yourselves warned: I'm in a pretty foul mood today. On top of being cranky and stressed, I'm also feeling extra insecure. That there's a stellar combination, I tell you. I emphatically don't recommend it. So hey, why don't I put on one of the most melancholy songs I happen to own because that'll surely help the mood!


Mar. 27th, 2007 06:40 pm
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I'm done with today. Rocks fall; everyone dies.

In (mostly) less cranky news, I got CDs mailed out last night to everyone whose discs I've already received. Local folks should probably see them turn up tomorrow, everyone else should get them by the end of the week. There are a couple of playlists that I have that weren't included with the discs, and I don't actually remember who got which discs (it really was chosen randomly), so I'll email out the playlists to everyone later this week. Also, I put together the packages when I was exhausted and I don't think I sent anyone a copy of their own disc; if I did, ping me and I'll make you a copy of another one. Here's the slightly-more-cranky part: since there are two participants who I assume have backed out based on the fact that I've not heard anything from them since the sign-up, I don't have quite enough discs for everyone. I'll make extra copies of some other discs from my set of four in order to make up the shortfall for the remaining participant(s); if any of you object to my making an extra copy of your disc, let me know.
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Wow, my mood turned really foul in the space of about five minutes. Fair warning.

Note to self: no more commenting until your mood improves, or you'll end up picking a fight and that'll just be stupid.

I think maybe I'll go get an egg salad sandwich at Wegmans and see if food helps.
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I swear to $deity, hermiting on a mountaintop and herding goats looks more and more appealing every damn day.

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crankiness )
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Today started out with being late for work because unexpected "roadwork" (by which I mean one of two lanes on 66 West closed between Manassas and Gainesville with all the actual work happening on the opposite shoulder) more than doubled my commute time; normally 25 minutes, today it took an hour. It's only gone downhill from there. To add to it, I think watching Aftershock: Earthquake in New York the other night on SciFi has permanently lowered my IQ by several points and it's shown up in my work today.

Feh. Time to go home, then turn around and come back in a hour or so to drop off my car so they can replace my timing belt tomorrow.
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I am not going to fly from Dulles to Orlando via Pittsburgh. In what universe does that make sense? I suppose it doesn't matter much anyway, because USAir has no flights leaving Friday at a time that doesn't cut into the conference or put me back too late for the GBS show that night.

Why does JetBlue not fly into Orlando from Dulles? If I want to get there from here, I have to go to Newark first. :P

It's looking like AirTran and a sprint from Dulles to Foggy Bottom on Friday.

Oh, and cars suck too: someone just stopped by to tell me that my car is repeatedly locking and unlocking itself for no apparent reason. I guess this means it's time to call the mechanic down the street and see if they have some time to look at it.

Yes, I'm cranky today. Again. Allergies are kicking my ass, even with a bit of rain to clean things out a little. I'll feel human again sometime around, oh, July.
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Today I am stressed enough from various work and personal issues to strongly consider bailing out of here for the rest of the afternoon, and am very cranky from being underslept thanks to the insomnia. I will try to keep it reined in, but you should probably just assume I'll be mildly unpleasant to deal with in the best case and a raging bitch in the worst.

[Edit: And to make it even better, my albuterol inhaler doesn't seem to be working on the current tightness in my chest. This would be "not good", although at the moment it's just annoying rather than worrying. I'm going to go with the theory that it's stress-related and not something asthma-related until I have more evidence to the contrary.]
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Today is Sweetmorn, day 57 in the season of Bureaucracy, 3271.

I hadn't been to the E St. Cinema before yesterday, it seems pretty nice. (Do you hear the "but" there? Because there certainly is one.)

Here's what I don't like about it: I bought tickets online to "MirrorMask" on Saturday for yesterday's show. Since apparently "matinee" at this theater on the weekends is "the first show of the day", two tickets for the afternoon showing were a bit over $20 when you add in the online service charge. Okay, I can deal with that, no big deal. Thanks to some confusion at the Grosvenor metro over parking, we got there at 4:51 for the 4:50 showing, which should put us in at about the first preview. (When we eventually got into the theater at 4:57, the opening credits were just starting) I went to claim my pre-paid tickets from the kiosk, which told me "This showing has expired, your tickets cannot be claimed." @#$%. I went to the ticket counter and woke up the extremely bored-looking guy sitting behind the desk and explained that I'd bought tickets already but couldn't claim them from the kiosk. After looking put out by having to actually, y'know, do something, he swiped my credit card and parroted back at me exactly what the kiosk had said. The response to "But I already paid for these tickets, how am I supposed to get them?" was "I don't know, do you want to buy another set of tickets here?" No, I don't want to buy a second set of tickets, but since I trekked in from VA on the Metro to get here and people are theoretically meeting us here, I guess I will. I am perfectly willing to accept buying two tickets to "Serenity" on Friday night, because we wouldn't have gotten there anytime close to the 8:40 start time, but in this case we were off by about a minute or two, and they were still selling tickets to the show. Why the hell can you not claim your pre-paid tickets that you bought online if you're still perfectly capable of buying tickets at the box office?? Other than "so we can double-charge you", of course.

Let's just say that this, combined with not really having eaten much before dinner, left me in a less-than-stellar mood for most of the rest of the evening. [ profile] vvalkyri, I apologize for probably being not terribly pleasant company after the movie.
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I'm on one of the ACM SIGCHI (Computer-Human Interaction) mailing lists. Or rather, I was until I got booted because mail was bouncing. Considering I have it filtered into a separate folder and read it maybe once a month, I hadn't even noticed until I got this gem in my inbox today: )

Yeah, being a condescending prick to and about the mail administrator is the best of all possible ways to make sure that your mail gets delivered.

Okay, quick scan of Bookslut and then back to coffee and database design.
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This was not the day to find that my Aleve stockpile is totally depleted after I developed a headache of monumental proportions. Or that it apparently takes USPS three days to deliver a package from Capitol Heights, when I could go drive over and pick it up in about an hour, an hour and a half if I start from the office. Today is so very fired.

It could be worse. It could be...@#$%, it is raining.

I need a good "feelin' stompy" icon to alternate with the "flipping off a box of kittens" icon. Or maybe a "pouty" icon, since that feels a bit more appropriate.


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