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Tickets obtained for JoCo and Paul & Storm at the Birchmere, with only a $3.50  service charge instead of the $12 or so that Ticketbastard tacks on.  That savings was promptly blown at Cheesetique just down the street. ;)
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From the latest JoCo mailing:

Alexandria, VA - The Birchmere

Friday March 12 at 7:30 PM

With Paul and Storm


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I decided I could manage to spend a whopping $10 to see The National, Girl Talk, and Pete Tong (plus St. Vincent and Mates of State if I feel like spending 14 hours or so at Merriweather). Anyone else going to the Virgin festival tomorrow? They released a bunch of tickets today at 10; I expect anyone who paid $100 for a ticket on craigslist probably feels kinda stupid. I'd feel kinda stupid too if I'd paid $100 for a ticket that started out as free.

I'll be in Boston (well, Cambridge) the weekend of Sept. 11-13 for the jQuery conference. Not sure where I'm staying yet, although I really want to try and swing the Hotel Marlowe because a) it's about half a mile from the venue and b) leopard-print carpets and red velvet upholstery, baby; it's much more budget-friendly to stay further out and drive in though. (I'm doing this on my own dime.) We'll see. I'd probably have that Friday night free, plus Saturday night after 7 or 8. My plan is to drive up Friday and then drive back Sunday night after the end of the conference. Once I get plans more settled, I'll see about calling a dinner foo or something.

On a less-fun note, today's plans involve the farmer's market (already done) and house cleaning (I'm procrastinating by reading LJ and Twitter). Woohoo.
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Because I never remember to go check their site, upcoming stuff at Jammin Java that I wouldn't mind seeing. October looks especially bad for my wallet good.

8/25: Adrian Belew Power Trio
8/28: Paul and Storm
9/11: Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues
9/13: Sarah Bettens
10/1: Charlotte Martin (eh, kinda)
10/3: The Ditty Bops
10/3: Popa Chubby
10/8: An Evening with Marshall Crenshaw
10/14: Guggenheim Grotto
10/19: Erin McKeown and Jill Sobule
10/22: Justin Trawick
11/4: Richard Shindell and Antje Duvekot
11/6: Ellis Paul
11/20: Grant Lee Phillips
11/21: Robbie Fulks
11/28: Enter the Haggis
1/7: The Asylum Street Spankers
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OoOOOooh! The Pixies will be touring/performing "Doolittle" in its entirety, and hitting up DC (and Boston, obviously). This monkey's gone to stalk Ticketmaster.

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As someone says in the DCist comments: "Free tickets to a huge concert? There is absolutely no way that this can go terribly, terribly wrong."

Lukewarm at best on the headliners (Blink-182 and Weezer), but would be plenty happy to see Mates of State, Wale, Public Enemy, The National, St. Vincent, The Hold Steady, Girl Talk, Pete Tong, and Holy F*ck.
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Sweet! Over on Twitter, I won myself a free lawn ticket to The Rat Pack Is Back at Wolf Trap on May 28. Any of y'all going to be there?
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The HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME post of last night was because I'd just gotten home from seeing Leonard Cohen at Merriweather, along with [ profile] nminusone, [ profile] chadu, and [info]mrsexandpancakes. The man is 74 years old, and put on a 3.5 hour show with one roughly-15 minute break and seemed to love every minute of it; I am half his age and exhausted thinking about it, and he was skipping (literally) on and off stage between songs. The one less-than-perfect thing about the evening (other than the fact that he didn't do "Sisters of Mercy") was the fact that it started raining about 5 minutes before he hit the stage and kept raining pretty close to constantly until right around the time the show ended at 11; this was bad because we had lawn seats and no chairs, just tarps. I sent a text to twitter at the first break, which was essentially "I'm soaked to the bone and cold, and I don't care because this is fan-freakin'-tastic". Luckily I had [ profile] chadu, prince among men, to kindly lend me his hoodie and save my dumb ass from freezing to death after I left mine at home and was stuck in a short-sleeved sweater. Admittedly, after an hour or so the large upcharge for tiny folding chairs in the pavilion started looking like it would've been worthwhile; on the other hand, there's only so wet you can really get and after that it can't get any worse. Until the cold wind picks up, but we shall not speak of that.

I already knew it was hard to hear over the sound of how awesome Leonard Cohen is, so the real discovery of the evening for me was Javier Mas. (Huey, I think the instrument we were wondering about is a laúd.)

If you have the chance to catch any of the remaining tour, do it. Trust me, it's totally worth it.

The setlist )

Okay, so the other less-than-perfect part of the evening was the not getting home until 12:45 part. We got out of the parking lot much faster than expected, and then made the unfortunate choice of taking 95 instead of Colesville; someone had flipped a car on 95 a few miles north of the Beltway and 3 of 4 lanes were closed. It's surprising how much traffic there is through there after midnight on a Monday night.
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Event/Item Qty Type Sec/Row/Seats Description
Leonard Cohen
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia, MD
Mon, May 11, 2009 07:30 PM
4 AEG/Venue/Radio Presale LAWN PRICE LEVEL 5

Merriweather presale info for today (until 10 PM) is here.
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It's been a mostly-uneventful few weeks here at the old homestead, and I'm pretty much okay with that. Between watching the entire run of "Legend of the Seeker" posted on Hulu, I have at least managed to get out of the house a few times.

Early last week I went to go listen to someone (note: autoplay music at that link) I "met" via Twitter play at IOTA, which gave me the opportunity to finally meet [ profile] crouchback after something like six or seven years. He and Huey and Chris and I ended up sitting in the restaurant section of IOTA rather than the club, so didn't actually see the show, but heard it just fine. Also, my impressive knowledge of Top 40 Eagles songs provided a "what just happened here" highlight of the evening. o_O A random woman walked over to our table, described to us the song "Hotel California" and asked what the name was. I must've won her some kind of awesome bet or something, because I absolutely cannot fathom the idea of anyone getting that excited about "Hotel California". The four of us at the table ended up pumpkining before 11 PM; so much for my rockin' cred, despite the Random Chick Incident. XD (That needs to be a band name.) It was a school night though, and some of us had to be up at OMG o'clock for work the next day. Justin's playing again this Saturday night, the late show at Jammin' Java, and I think I'm headed over. Anyone want to come with?

Saturday evening I was originally at loose ends and planning an evening on the sofa with pizza, beer, a movie, and the cat; instead I ended up going with a hot blond to see David Wilcox and Kim Richey at the Birchmere. Both performers I've been kind of "can take it or leave it" on when I occasionally hear them on XM, but live they are both fan-freakin'-tastic; I believe Companion and I were both completely smitten with Kim by the end of her set, and Companion, as far as I could tell, already had a man-crush on Wilcox. Showing up later than I originally expected turned out okay because the two seats together that the kind staffer found for us were in the middle of a table in the front row, right next to the stage. Score. Towards the end of the evening, because I am the very model of someone who's suave and debonair, as my companion was saying something this being "first date in a while" and it going well, I opened my mouth and this is what came out. *facepalm* Yes, people, I really am just that awesome. (For the record, it was quite fun, both for the fabulous company and for the music.)
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Oooooh. One in the ongoing list of "things I was not aware of until I saw it on DCist": Karsh Kale and MIDIval Punditz at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Friday night.
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Company for tonight's concert: fantastic
Beer consumed: lots.
Justin Townes Earle: surprisingly great. (Surprising mostly because I'd never actually heard his music before.
James McMurtry: unsurprisingly great, and he played everything I really wanted to hear ("Restless", "Bad Enough", "Childish Things", "Choctaw Bingo", "Just Us Kids", "Ruby and Carlos", "We Can't Make It Here").
The sound guy: um, not so much with the fabulous. Frankly, I listen to McMurtry for his lyrics, and when you can barely hear any vocals in the mix it's not so conducive to making out what's being sung. Luckily that got fixed during the first song.
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*blink* I missed this (although I'd been emailed about OK Go a couple of times ;) ):

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts at the Celebrate Fairfax festival, 8 PM on Saturday night. (I know there are a couple of people who might also be interested to know that Scythian is playing at 7 PM on Saturday, and The Dreamscapes Project at 11:45 AM.)

James McMurtry on Friday night. Joan Jett on Saturday. Should I try and find something on Sunday, just to make life difficult for myself? :D

Also, because I know at least one person will care: Juuuuuuuuuuuuuddyyyyyyyyyy! (Judy Tenuta at the Drafthouse on June 27 and 28.)
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I'd forgotten that melatonin really affects my dreaming, or at least my awareness that I am.  This was the fourth night in a row that I clearly remember having vivid dreams, although once I've gotten out of bed I can't remember exactly what they were about, just that they were very colorful and felt very real at the time.   Note to self: remember that you should never  take melatonin (see above) on nights you drink tequila (which gives you totally f'ed up dreams). 

I ran over to the Birchmere last night to pick up James McMurtry tickets at their box office, where the service charge is a total of $3.50  per ticket as opposed to the $8.95 that TicketMaster charges for online orders.  Even given the gas it takes to get to Alexandria, I came out way ahead on this transaction; plus, it was a nice day for a drive.  Yay, sunlight! (Folks for whom I picked up tickets: I'll ping you about them later.)

Now, off to have breakfast with some friends. Mmm, pancakes. Maybe I can drag people into the game store. Any of y'all played Khronos? Did you enjoy it?
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One ticket for James McMurtry with Justin Townes Earle at the Birchmere via Ticketbastard:

       Ticket Price
       US $25.00

       Convenience Charge
       US $7.45

       Building Facility Charge
       US $1.50

Screw that, I'm just going to buy it at the box office next time I go visit the boyfriend. The service charge there is only $3.50

PS - Huey, you and [ profile] utterlyjaded wanna?
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Pogues show tonight = hawesome, at least the musical portion of tonight's entertainment. The folks I went with ([ profile] nminusone, [ profile] madbodger, and [ profile] fizzygeek) were great, but the superdickery level in the area in which we were standing was off the charts. Seriously people: pouring beer on each other's heads and splashing the people around you is not the best way to win friends and influence people, or even to make it out of the hall without getting a RICHLY DESERVED PUNCH IN THE FACE. Jumping on your beer-soaked neighbor's toes later absolutely does not help. Settle down there, Beavis. At least there's no smoking anymore for people who don't happen to be on stage, so I didn't have to fear having some drunken idiot set my hair on fire or stick their lit cigarette in my eye while they flailed around.

With earplugs in to try and protect my already-not-so-great hearing, whenever Shane spoke, what I heard was something like "Fnthangn murfle theth A Rainy Night in Soho". Hell, that could be what he actually said; I wouldn't be particularly surprised. ;)

I only sniffled once during "Love You 'Til the End". (Progress!)

I wish I'd gotten tickets to tomorrow night's show too, although at $68 a ticket after Ticketmaster has their way with you, that just wasn't in the cards.


Dec. 19th, 2007 08:32 pm
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Anyone want me to try and get tickets for them? I have no idea yet how much they're going to be, but based on the last two times I saw them, I'd guess in the $40-$50 range (plus a million dollars in Ticketbastard "convenience" fees).

Fairytale of D.C.

Made up of mostly original members (including "cheerful" frontman Shane MacGowan), punk-influenced Irish folk band The Pogues have sporadically toured since their return to the music scene in 2001. Though the group, who originally disbanded in the early ‘90s, have no plans to write or record any new material, fans have long waited to catch one of Q magazine’s “50 Bands to See Before You Die.” Don’t miss your chance to check them off your list when they stop by 9:30 Club in March.

Just Announced!
March 9
7pm Doors

On Sale Thursday, December 21 at 10am
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Note to self: stuff coming up in the next several months tht I want to consider seeing.

The Birchmere:
Jan. 18-20 - Eddie from Ohio (Er,except that I'll be in Boston that entire weekend for Arisia. D'oh.)
Jan. 23 - Richard Thompson: 1000 Years of Popular Music (at Lisner, actually)
Feb. 1 - Lowen & Navarro
Feb. 20 - Jann Arden and Holly Cole
Mar. 5 - The Saw Doctors
Mar. 7 - Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm
Mar. 12 - Los Lobos
Mar. 26-7 - Buddy Guy
Apr. 8 - Asia (the four original members)
Apr. 21 - Colin Hay (I could make it a birthday outing)

The State Theatre:
Jan. 1 - The Smithereens
Jan. 25 - North Mississippi All-Stars
Feb. 14 - VAST

The 9:30:
Dec. 21-22 - Rufus Wainwright
Dec. 28 - Patti Smith
Jan. 15 - Editors

Jammin' Java:
Mar. 15 - Adrian Belew Power Trio
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What do these people happen to have in common? For one, they're going to be at Jammin' Java in Vienna in the next few weeks. (Thanks for pointing it out, Steve! =))

Tonight is Jane Siberry; since she so rarely gets through here, I think we're going to go (although the tickets are on the high side for Jammin' Java and there's another show starting at 9:30). Marshall Crenshaw is tomorrow night and Johnette shows up on the 25th. I ♥ Marshall Crenshaw a lot, but I haven't committed to going yet. Johnette gets through here even less frequently than Jane, so that's definitely on the calendar. If any of y'all are thinking of going to any of these shows, let me know and we can maybe meet up.

Oh! And The Bobs on the 23rd, John Doe (from X) November 5, Melissa Ferrick November 7, and Richard Shindell on November 11.
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The final show at Warehouse this Sunday will be Negativland.
Those of you who are likely to be particularly excited about this already know who they are. =) For those who don't, go here and here.

My friend Steve sent word that according to a post on his MySpace page, Lee is taking a break from the Oysters.

Also: My librarymans. Let me show you them.


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