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Okay, we've pretty much settled on Cheesecake Factory in Fair Oaks tomorrow night at 7:30. If you're on Facebook, you can RSVP over there at [Edit: Or maybe not.] If not, you can leave a comment here. There is a long and honored tradition of people inviting people I've never met to my birthday dinners and it's always worked out pretty well. In fact particularly well for at least one of us. (*cough*Huey*cough*) In other words, if there's someone you want to bring along, feel free! Just please tell us for logistical purposes.

Not to worry; there will be the annual meat fountain trip in the near future. Oh, such meat consumption will there be!</Zim>
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Thanks for the birthday wishes here and over on Facebook!  Sadly, one of the presents I received seems to be a cold.=/ 

I've been thinking about the annual Meat Fountain Expedition.  Malibu Grill is now half Brazilian churrascaria, half Chinese restaurant. o_O  It hasn't gotten great reviews on Yelp lately.   I can get a certificate for Texas de Brazil that will get half off dinner prices for up to 14 people, bringing it down to near the price of Malibu Grill; the catch is that the certificate isn't valid on Fridays or Saturdays.   So, what do people think?  Want to risk Malibu Grill, or hit up the Cheesecake Factory this weekend and/or plan a half-price expedition to Texas de Brazil for some Sunday evening in the near-ish future?
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Today is "GeeCee's birthday (observed)" in the office, apparently.  Whee!  Going to lunch at the new Bertucci's,  and I've been showered with cards and gift certificates.  As a bonus, I only had 35 messages waiting for me in my inbox today, woohoo!
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(Boy, does that sounds like it could be NSFW.)

Okay, since it was mostly a wash between one weekend and t'other, I've been lame enough not to give enough advance notice, and [ profile] brian1789 will be in town that weekend, let's go with next Saturday, April 25, for the annual Natal Celebration at the Carousel of Meat.

Deets: Malibu Grill Steak House in Fair Lakes (Fairfax), 7:00 if I can get a reservation for that slot, followed by postprandial repairing to the [ profile] geekchick/[ profile] nminusone estate just down the road for cake or death if desired. Try to let me know if you're planning on showing up by COB(-ish) on Thursday so I can make a reservation, por favor. Vegetarians, the place does have a salad bar with varying degrees of friendliness, but I can't find any evidence yet that you could be charged just for that if you didn't want to partake in the unending stream of grilled meats.
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D'oh. I just realized it's almost time for my apparently annual Meat Fountain Birthday Celebration, aka "meet folks for dinner at Malibu Grill in Fair Lakes". I haven't given it much thought yet, so I figured I'd throw this out there and see what day works best for folks. Click away, local omnivores!

[Poll #1379693]
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Had a fabulous pre-birthday dinner on Saturday night. Ten of us showed up, and for almost three hours we drank deeply from the Meat Fountain and yakked. By the time we wrapped things up it was after 10 PM; rather than go play pool as I'd originally thought, a couple of us went back to play Guitar Hero. Good times, and it was great to meet a cool new person (which my birthday dinners seem to be good for, hee!) and see several people that I don't think I'd actually hung out with since about this time last year.
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Making a dinner reservation for 12 for Malibu Grill tonight. I know for sure of 9 people who will be there; if there's anyone else who's definitely coming (that hasn't sent me email already), let me know!
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The "Meat Faucet" birthday dinner seemed to work out okay last year, so I think I'll try it again. Anyone want to join me? Malibu Grill in Fairfax, 7:30 (?), this coming Saturday night the 19th.** Am strongly considering rolling myself over to Bungalow Billiards for pool and beer afterwards. Let me know if you'll be joining us (or if you're going to invite another party to crash ;) ) so I can make reservations if necessary.

**Yes, Fogo de Chão probably has better meat, but I'm not willing to ask people to spend $60/person for dinner rather than $20. If I'm going to spend a bunch of money, I'd probably pick The Melting Pot instead.
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That was a lot of fun.

I decided to not actually spend all day cleaning the house, figuring that it was my birthday, dammit, and so long as it wasn't about to be condemned then people would be okay. Instead I went out and picked up a quarter-sheet birthday cake from Wegmans slathered in their addictive buttercream frosting (110% fat, 50% sugar, yum!). The lady helping train at the cash register pointed out that the bakery could've written something on it for me if I wanted, although I pointed out that I was going to be putting so many candles on this cake that there'd be no room for writing. =) (Conveniently, I did find a box of 36 candles at home.) I also hit up Total Wine to pick up various combinations of beer/cider/Mike's hard lemonade, being careful to only pick up things that I personally was willing to drink if it was left over; convenient that, since I think a total of maybe three bottles are gone out of 3 six-packs.

Then there was meat. Oh god, was there meat. And people! I'd reserved for 12, I think we ended up with 15. [ profile] also_huey sums it up pretty well. Is it really crashing a party though when the original invitation was posted in an unlocked post? Hmmm. At any rate, it was indeed a fun group. Huey, you are hereby granted permission to bring folks to crash any and all future parties. If you bring a man in a kilt, so much the better.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.

Today I shall do many loads of laundry so that I can pack for California tonight, put the salvia and catmint into planters, and generally be a slug.
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I had absolutely no problem with turning thirty, I kind of enjoyed it even. Thirty-six, however, is mildly freaking me out for some reason; I don't know if it's because I'm now officially closer to forty than to thirty (not that I'm particularly stressed out about forty) or if it's just because saying it illustrates the disconnect between the age I am physically and the age I am in my head, where I seem to still to think I'm around twenty-four. Maybe it's because neither of my parents made it to sixty and so I'm going to start freaking out about each passing year starting, oh, right about now. Eh. Thirty was a good year, hopefully thirty-six will be too.

Right then. Coffee and Wegmans to pick out a birthday cake, then home again to spend way too much time cleaning the house. Yay. Maybe if I get enough done early enough, I can manage a quick nap in the hammock.
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Taking the "low-effort" route, I think I'm going to have my birthday dinner at the Meat Fountain Malibu Grill in Fair Lakes, followed by retiring back to our palatial suburban estate for cake (or death). Saturday, April 21, let's say 7:30 pm. Let me know by the afternoon of Friday the 20th if you'll be joining us so I can make a reservation if there will be enough people to warrant one.
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Random assortment of crap stuff:

Saturday [ profile] nminusone and I saw "Grindhouse". ZOMG. "Planet Terror" was fantastic, in that cheesy-horror-zombie-movie-with-bad-plot-and-worse-dialogue way. I'm generally neutral on Rose McGowan, but I liked her in this one. "Death Proof" (Tarantino's offering) was kinda meh, except for the roughly 10 minutes of chase scenes in the last segment. Otherwise, too much time spent with various groups of women sitting around yapping; BRING BACK ZOMBIES PLS KTHXBYE. On the other hand, the endless conversations give you an opportunity to make a bathroom run; the movie is 191 minutes long. Rosario Dawson with those bangs looks about 12 and disturbingly cute. The trailer for "Machete" was worth the price of admission alone -- Cheech Marin FTW! Also, Jason Isaacs appears briefly in the trailer for "Don't"; I confess I barely recognize him without the long blonde extensions.

We missed a lot of the actual for reals trailers, but I did catch one for Die Hard with a Walker "Live Free or Die Hard". I guess I kind of have to see it (the fact that Kevin Smith is in it doesn't hurt), but there's a large dose of "what were y'all thinking?". Okay, even more so now that I see that it involves "Internet terrorists". Buh?

Yesterday I did very little except for dye some eggs, watch TV and read one of the Dresden books. We watched "Ultraviolet", which made "Aeon Flux" look like a really good movie. Dear god, was it awful. We rented it from the local redbox installation, figuring it had to be worth $1 for a rental. It was, but just barely. Since Wegmans was closed well before we were ready to return it, it's turning into a $3 rental and it's most assuredly not worth that. I guess there were plans to go see Dermaptera at George Mason, but I wasn't feeling up to staying out there until 11 pm and sitting through five other bands to listen to them and we ended up giving it a pass.

Today, I pitched the possibility of going to the MySQL User Conference at the end of the month. We shall see how that goes over, given that today is the 14-day advance purchase window for plane tickets.

I was reminded recently that my birthday is coming up soon-ish; I've had so much other stuff on my mind that I'd honestly forgotten about it. I can't figure out what, if anything, I want to do. I ought to do something I guess, given that it's even on a Saturday this year, but I'm seriously at a loss for what. The steakhouse dinner last year was fun, although if I do a dinner gathering again I'd like to do something where we can all sit at the same table this time. I guess it's BR Night at the club and I could do that, but it's not top of my list since I don't generally know a lot of folks there. Eh. I usually really like birthday celebration stuff, and I wish I could get more excited about it this year. Maybe something will occur to me later.
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I haven't really done more than skim LJ at best since Friday sometime, but I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes (even though I haven't gotten to reply to them all yet). Extremely quick recap: Friday I had a nice, slack evening with dinner and a movie (both of which were rather mediocre, alas, but the company was excellent). Saturday was my Seventh 29th Birthday (Observed), and 16 of us went to Sakura for dinner. I had a lovely time, although seating arrangements meant I didn't get to spend as much time talking to everyone as I would've liked. In addition to spending the evening with a bunch of wonderful folks, I got several nifty birthday presents, among which was a bottle of Glenlivet 18 year old that we proceeded to put a nice little dent into after dinner. And did I mention this little surprise present from Chris that appeared at the end of the evening?


Will probably elaborate later, but right now I need to work on packing for a week in Orlando at php|tek and go to bed so I can be up for a doctor's appointment at the crack of dawn.
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I mentioned this a while ago, but it's close enough now that I can probably make it an actual plan.

For my birthday, I'd like to get people together for a group dinner at Sakura in Fairfax. My current plan is to reserve a teppan table or two (depending on turnout), have dinner and Maneki Nekos in funny glasses, then retire to my place just up the road a bit for cake. Come join us for all or part of the evening! Since it's not exactly the kind of place where you can just pull up another table next to the existing one and it always seems pretty busy on Saturday nights, I'll need a headcount to make a reservation; please let me know in comments here or email to my @lj address by Wednesday evening (the 19th) if you'll be coming and how many people you're bringing.

Where: Sakura, 12950 Fair Lakes Shopping Center (in front of the shopping center with Petsmart, World Market and Target on Fair Lakes Parkway)
When: 7:00 PM, Saturday April 22.
What to bring: You, your partner(s), a friend, some combination of any or all of the above. Although it doesn't apply to most of my friends at this point, kids are fine if you want to bring them and think they'll be okay.

If you're coming to the house, things to note: the house is not childproofed in any way, shape or form, and we have a cat who's currently ditching his winter coat, so medicate as necessary.


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