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I've got a reasonably large TBR pile going on right now, but that's never stopped me from wanting to add to it. What have you read this year that you think I absolutely need to add to that stack? Fiction, nonfiction, whatever. To get some sort of idea of what I've been reading, you can run through my LibraryThing profile. I admit it's been heavy on the paranormal romance/adventure lately because I've been in a real escapist mood, but I will read essentially anything in any genre. Also, ebook availability (epub, preferably) for the Sony Reader is awesome since I'm pretty much out of storage space for physical books.

I'm currently watching the clock because just before I left for work, UPS left me a copy of N.K. Jemisin's The Broken Kingdoms at my door; the first book in the trilogy, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, is currently top of my "favorite things I've read this year" list <plug>and you should all go buy it and read it if you haven't already</plug>.
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So, I'm almost done mainlining Kage Baker's "The Company" series and will need something else shortly. I do have a bunch of stuff sitting around waiting to be read, but right about now I feel like a teenager looking at the full refrigerator ("There's nothing to eat!") or like a late-night viewer flipping through cable channels ("There's nothing on."): lots of options, none of which seem appealing right at the moment.

I turn to you, oh friends list. What should I read next?

Suggestions for titles on the unread list that you think I should go ahead and read or for something completely unrelated are welcome. Extra bonus points if I can get it from my local library. I'll read pretty much any genre although I'm not all that keen on stuff like self-help most of the time. Cheesy romance? Will read it. Biography? In theory, depending on the subject. SF? Fantasy? Yup. Police procedurals? Those too. Dense scientific tomes? Will read them, although it will take me much longer than a Harlequin vampire romance. If you want to see the sorts of things I've been reading, the books - YYYY tags are my reading lists.
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I need to switch Quickbooks Pro 2006 to mail invoices via Outlook rather than through the Intuit mail service since they're cutting off access to that service for 2006 customers at the end of the month, and I'm failing utterly at figuring out how to do it.  Anyone happen to have any useful pointers?  The "check the Outlook box in Preferences->Send Forms" I keep seeing is no good, since there is no checkbox there for changing your mailer preferences.

Intuit and their forced upgrades can bite my shiny metal ass.
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Question for folks with more Outlook experience than me: (To illustrate said experience, I had to hunt down a disk and install Outlook on my system specifically to test this; I don't use it at all.)

I've got a calendar exported from Sunbird as an .ics. This calendar consists almost entirely of a recurring event (it's a conference call). When trying to import into Outlook, it sets up an appointment only for the initial creation date for the event and does not show it as a recurring. I've tested this in Outlook 2002 (using "open with" since the import function doesn't seem to want to import .ics in any obvious way), and I'm pretty sure the person reporting the problem is using Outlook 2007 (which I'm downloading as I type to use for local testing). Is there some crazy incantation that needs to be performed to get Outlook to recognize this as a recurring, weekly event instead of one event that takes place only in September of last year?

[Edit: Outlook 2007 seems to be behaving correctly, so far as I can tell. Need more details, apparently.]
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I'm feeling like I need to own this William Shakespeare Complete Works. (This stunning new edition, commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company, combines the very latest textual scholarship with illuminating insights into how Shakespeare's plays were and are performed. With notes on each page, photographs and thought-provoking essays, this is a glorious edition of one of the world's most important books.) Did I mention it's selling for £8? o_O

Of course, for me there's a catch: they don't ship overseas and I do not have any current plans to be in the UK anytime soon. Is there anyone who'd be willing to snag a copy and then ship it to me (slow-boat method, I suspect, because at 2700+ pages I'm guessing it's a cinderblock) if I send you money to cover the book purchase, shipping, and maybe a little extra for your trouble?

[EDIT:] I did some investigating and it looks like the the parcel would weigh more than 2kg with packaging, so shipping would be either triple the cost of the book (£26) for Airmail or almost double the cost of the book plus two months in transit for Surface Mail. I think I have a lead on a copy from Amazon Marketplace which would work out to be cheaper all told.
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The HOA is planning on towing my old Protege on Sunday unless it's inspected and the tags are renewed by then; seeing as how the car doesn't actually start at the moment, I don't think that's going to happen. Sadly, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the best approach is either to donate it or scrap it because the cost of a storage unit plus whatever it's going to cost to get it repaired is going to be more than the car is worth at this point. Does anyone have experience donating a non-running car? Would you recommend any particular organization? I don't need the write-off since I don't itemize, but it was my first car of my own and I'd prefer it go to someone who could use the money from parting it out or whatever. *sniff* For that matter, if any of y'all think you want a 1996 Protege for parts or a project (it needs serious engine work at a minimum), let me know and you're welcome to it.
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Have any of y'all used gift certificates from Are there any gotchas to be aware of, other than the (in some cases relatively high) minimum purchases?
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I'm planning to go snag tickets for tomorrow night's performance of Hamlet, and the only realistic option given transportation issues is to get them at the Shakespeare Theatre box office starting at noon. Have any of y'all done the weekend ticket thing there? Any idea what time I'd need to be in line in the morning to be sure of getting tickets? They say "lines form early", but what does "early" mean in this context?

(If I recruit someone to go with, I can snag another four tickets. Would anyone want me to pick them up one/some?)
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Would any of y'all be willing to help out a friend of mine who is SERIOUSLY jonesin' for the new Whitlams album that's being given away with various newspapers starting June 1? If you'd be willing to pick up a copy for her, drop a comment over on her post. Thanks!

[Edit: Er, yeah. Maybe being a little more specific on the location would've helped, no? "Starting on Sunday June 1st in NSW's The Sunday Telegraph and rolling out through Victoria in The Australian, and Tasmania in The Mercury, newspaper readers can receive a free Live in Concert CD of The Whitlams and The Sydney Symphony."]
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When using the Intel Matrix Storage Console (7.8, if it matters) on XP and trying to get a RAID 1 configuration set up using an existing drive (which I most emphatically do NOT want to wipe), does anyone know how to get it to tell me something just a bit more more useful than simply "Volume creation failed"? You know, like maybe WHY or HOW it failed? The documentation in this area is about as helpful as the software itself.
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Of all the imps I got *mumble* years ago, the only one I'm even close to using up so far is Old Morocco (apparently now known simply as Morocco). I'm picking up a full bottle of it and figured I might try imps of some other stuff while I'm there. I would love some suggestions from those of you with more recent experience of the scents than I have.

  • The stuff I wear most frequently that isn't BPAL is Anna Sui (year-round) and Lucky You (summer).
  • I like warm and spicy, particularly for fall/winter scents.
  • I love All Souls, and it smells really good on me. I like Cathedral okay, but I don't wear it much.
  • I love rose scents, but they turn to baby powder on me in about five minutes and so probably shouldn't be the primary note. (Although that isn't stopping me from really wanting a bottle of Peacock Queen.)
  • Black Forest sounded good in theory, hated it in practice; that sort of scent is apparently not for me.
So, what would y'all suggest?
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Have any of y'all bought anything from Alter Ego Erotics on eBay? (Or anywhere else, for that matter.) I need something to wear for Saturday night at Arisia and am seriously drooling over this dress. Given that they have 5 negative feedback comments out of either 13,000 or 19,000 (depending on how you want to count), I'm not exactly worried about the transaction itself, but I was wondering what sort of quality to expect. Because seriously, $170 for a full-length leather corset dress is pretty damn cheap.

[EDIT: Damn, someone bought it out from under me. Ah well, there will be another one posted well before Arisia, they show up pretty frequently.]
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Thanks to our *ahem* friendly neighborhood homeowner's association, we need to find a place to store one of the cars for a while that isn't our parking lot or the streets in our subdivision. There seem to be several places that will let you put your car into one of their exterior units if it fits, as well as a few that have parking spots specifically for things like RV/car/boat storage. For some reason though, even the folks who say on the phone that they have exterior 10x20 units with roll-up doors available say that the car must be registered and insured if it's stored there. Um, if the car was currently registered, we'd be able to park it on the street and this whole thing would be a complete non-issue. I'm not sure if the people who were claiming it must be registered were expecting the car to be parked in an exterior space rather than shut up in a locked storage unit (because frankly, if it's stored in a locked unit, how is anyone going to know the registration status?), but that's something that I guess needs clearing up sometime during the day when the manager's around.

I see someone posted about car storage in one of the NoVA communities and I'm keeping an eye on that, but do any of y'all have any recommendations for places to stash a car for a few months that don't care if the tags are current or not?
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Oh wise and all-knowing friends-list,

Do any of you happen to know if there's a DC-area equivalent to Watercourse Way? My body is grumbling at me for shovelling snow (and for getting older), and it's suggesting that perhaps a dip in a hot tub is in order. Sadly, I don't have one. I have a ginormous Jacuzzi tub, but the hot water heater is not quite up to the task of boiling me if I fill the tub completely; at best I get reasonably warm. I'm not necessarily looking for a spa-day-package sort of thing (although I guess I'd take it, if it were reasonably priced). I know there's the hot springs in Berkeley Springs, but that's a bit of a trek. I was hoping for something a wee bit closer.
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I'm kinda tired of paying Verizon $60 a month for a service I hardly use. I'd gladly drop the landline altogether if cell reception in my house was good enough to do it, which sadly it isn't for either of us (Cingular and T-Mobile). Any of y'all have Vonage and an opinion you'd like to share with me about it?


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