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Having recently discovered that I have to go to our annual meeting in San Jose the week following Arisia, I've decided that "drive to Boston (probably involving snow)->3 days of too many people and too little sleep->drive to DC (probably involving snow)->work->fly to San Jose->spend four days in meetings->fly to DC" is just too much for me.  Clearly I'm on my way to getting old, since not that long ago I'd have done this without batting an eyelash.  Anyway.  [ profile] nminusone  will, at least as of now, still be there so any of y'all keeping an eye out for my releasing our room at the Hyatt are out of luck. ;)
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Arisia hotel reservations made. w00t!
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Left the Hyatt at just after 10:15 AM, got home just after 8 PM.  Stupid snow. Stupid Connecticut.  (Hooray for GPS with a "detour" button.)  These ten-hour drives to Boston are getting pretty old. I much prefer the just over 7 hour trip I made BOS->DC the last time I drove up; can I have more of those and fewer of the 20-mile backups on 95 in Connecticut please? 
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Well, so much for that plan.  After dinner I went upstairs to take a handful of painkillers to fight off the godawful sinus headache I'd developed (yay, pressure drops!) and lie down for "just a few minutes" before making an appearance at various parties...and then it was 6:45 AM. =/  Whoops. 

Had figured I'd go meet up with some friends in the area who aren't at the con this afternoon, but that was before the traditional Arisia snowstorm hit; I am one of those "never lived above the Mason-Dixon and minorly freak out about driving in the snow" types.  Unlike more southerly climes though, Boston knows how to deal with a trivial 4-8 inches of snow and so I might try to escape later this afternoon, once I've been sufficiently caffeinated.  So.  Coffee, then perhaps the Pastafarian Revival in the lobby.
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Anyone need a full-weekend (Friday - Monday) Arisia membership? I bought it at the $50 level (it's $60 currently), but you can have it for $35, which is less than the Saturday-only day pass rate. If you want it, email the required info (name, mailing address, email address, badge name) to my @livejournal address and I'll give you the Paypal info and take care of the transfer request.
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Have any of y'all bought anything from Alter Ego Erotics on eBay? (Or anywhere else, for that matter.) I need something to wear for Saturday night at Arisia and am seriously drooling over this dress. Given that they have 5 negative feedback comments out of either 13,000 or 19,000 (depending on how you want to count), I'm not exactly worried about the transaction itself, but I was wondering what sort of quality to expect. Because seriously, $170 for a full-length leather corset dress is pretty damn cheap.

[EDIT: Damn, someone bought it out from under me. Ah well, there will be another one posted well before Arisia, they show up pretty frequently.]
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Crapweasels. The Arisia main hotel seems to be sold out for Saturday night, based on my attempt to make a reservation for any type of room at all just a few minutes ago.

[Edit: It seems that the quiet rooms are sold out. Just for giggles I tried for an "active" room instead and found some availability.]
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cut for length )

Notes to self for next year: get some sleep, you dumbass, otherwise you end up moody and cranky like you were almost the entire weekend; 13 hours of sleep over three days is not enough for you. Starting your drive early in the morning is really the way to do it, since you miss rush hour on the Cross-Bronx and in the CT suburbs and have time to shower and clean up and hang out with folks. Taking some food along is a good idea, so that you stand half a chance of remembering to eat something for breakfast that way; about half as much as we took this year, though. Actually, I should keep all this in mind since I'm seriously thinking of going to Lunacon if I can swing it financially, since Christopher Moore is the GoH.
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Yet another piece of mainly-useless information for anyone who isn't me or anyone likely to be sharing said room with me at any point: I went ahead and booked my hotel room for Arisia, since a recent note said something about the main hotel being more than 2/3 full already. Mmm, nothing like a tropical getaway to Boston in January.

It's going to be odd to be in a different hotel this year.


Jan. 25th, 2006 10:52 pm
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It's been more than a week, I suppose I might as well write it up before I lose it to my notoriously bad memory, eh?

Cut because it's long and boring )
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Home. I think the Acela is definitely the way to go rather than the regional service; business class is much comfier than coach. Underslept, underfed today, cranky because of those two things, way too tired to deal with unpacking and repacking for tomorrow's trip yet or to write up a real con report, but I am at least home. And there is a pizza on the way to help keep me from going on a cranky rampage thanks to blood sugar issues.

If there's anything in the last couple of days that you would really like me to see, please post a link. I'll try to catch up a bit, but I'm only home now until about 2:30 tomorrow afternoon and not again until later Wednesday night, so there's no way I'll get to read everything.
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It's snowing. It seems to be melting as soon as it hits the ground (unsurprisingly, since it's been in the 50s here for days), but it's definitely snowing. I think it really is impossible to have an Arisia without snow of some sort. So long as it's not three feet of the stuff like last year, it's all good.

Also, different water quality plus extremely high humidity means that Cathy for the last day or so has vaguely resembled Shepherd Book. It's a ginormous hair weekend. Big damn hair.

Plan for today is to meet up with another friend of Chris' for lunch, then I at least am going to wander around the con for a bit. I looked at the schedule, and there's nothing I'm dying to attend, so I'll just see what looks appealing at the time and wander around to see who I run into. Is anyone else going to the LJ meet-and-greet at 3?
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[I think this will be used as my con icon, because, well, if you've seen the rest of the strip it will make sense. ;)]

Good things: Getting to the airport and finding that my flight has been delayed 40 minutes, as that means that I have plenty of time to get through the ungodly long line at security. Also, finding a [ profile] madbodger at the gate, along with several other folks whose LJ names I don't know offhand.

Bad things: Feeling really rushed trying to get out the door this morning, although it wasn't as bad as it normally is since I did manage to pack most everything last night. Having to make more room for carry-on bags in the cabin because the cargo hold was completely full. Also, having to wait on the runway for ten minutes or so to burn off enough fuel that the plane wouldn't be too heavy to take off. That's always fun. And furthermore, I am not getting sick. I refuse. But I have tons of vitamin C to choke down, and some antibacterial hand lotion and tissues, just in case.

Now I'm here in the hotel, have taken a 20 minute scalding hot shower (cuz hey, I'm not paying for hot water ;)) and am going to head down to registration soonish. Then dinner, then back for primping and changing into party finery, then wandering the con and hitting up a party or two or six.
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I basically screwed around last night and didn't do much of anything other than curl up with The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana. That means tonight involves what looks to be four or five loads of laundry if I'm thorough, maybe two otherwise. Packing. Cleaning cat box and pig cage. Eating something so I don't pass out. Packing up food for the cat and washing/packing up his blankie for his trip to the vet for boarding. Install iTunes and transfer some music to the laptop. @!#$, I didn't print out my eticket confirmations before I left work and my printer at home isn't working. Tomorrow I have to drop the cat off at the vet, come home, call a cab and get to Dulles no later than 10:30 for my noon flight because I put my chances of being "randomly selected" for extra screening at about 99%, seeing as how I bought a one-way ticket online. If I get lucky and don't spend extra time being searched, I'll have both Eddie Izzard and Greg House to keep me company while I wait for my flight.

And did I mention that I spent a good chunk of today with a lovely cough? I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick. I'm not.

I love travelling. I hate the part leading up to it though.

So close!

Jan. 3rd, 2006 11:35 am
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United has an e-saver fare from Dulles to Logan next weekend, $147 r/t. Unfortunately, it's for departure on Jan. 14 and return on the 16th or 17th, which is shifted off by a day from what I need.

Right now my plan is to fly up on Friday in early afternoon ($74 including taxes on United o/w via Orbitz, in case anyone else still needs to find a fare) so that I can drop the cat off for boarding and take the train back with [ profile] nminusone on Sunday.

Note to self: check with Pender about boarding Friday - Monday morning and whether they'll administer medications.

Next up: buy tickets to Orlando Jan. 16-18. Done.


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