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As Chris and I were walking out the door last month to head to the airport and on to Good Good Beard Boat 2 JoCo Cruise Crazy, we were pretty much tackled by a small cat who wanted nothing in the world more than to come inside the house. We figured she must belong to one of our neighbors and had slipped out of their house somehow; all the doors in the neighborhood look the same, so maybe she was just confused. Since we were running late for our flight, we didn't have time to go look for her owners. Fast forward to last week, and we come home to see this cat sitting on our neighbor's doorstep. Once we came home, she wandered over to our porch to hang out, and in the morning I found her curled up asleep outside the door. Saturday night it got cold again, and being the big sucker for animals in distress that I am, I let her in the house and fed her. Chris talked to some of the neighbors, and apparently she's been hanging around pretty much since the time we first saw her, and trying to get into whatever door she can. We took her to get checked for a microchip yesterday, which unsurprisingly she didn't have. And, er, got her a collar with a bell since she's part magician and has a talent for disappearing into thin air

If nobody claims her we're going to find a rescue to take her because after all the damage our previous diabetic cat did to the carpets, "can we have another cat" is not a conversation I want to have with our landlord right now. (At least not until all the carpets have been professionally cleaned.) He wasn't thrilled with us having a cat with claws in the first place, but "willing to rent this place that's been standing empty for months right now" trumped that, I guess. We can't have another cat right now. Really, we can't. Especially one who looks like she might be bringing a few more cats along for the ride. (She's tiny, but suspiciously tubby.)

Anyone local in the market for an adorable little cat?

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Seen at [ profile] fimbrethil's:

Via [ profile] anisoptera:
Help for Cats Needed
This is from my cousin, please consider helping by reposting as well as a donation or even an adoption:

A father's death is always a difficult time, but for one daughter, a father left behind an especially difficult legacy. In a central-Pennsylvania county with no animal shelters or rescue groups, when word got out that Kay's father was too soft-hearted to refuse to care for any cat, his property became a dumping ground for any unwanted feline. After his recent unexpected death, Kay, who now lives out-of-state, returned to her family home to find that nearly 100 cats had set up residence in the house, garage, and property.

Now she is trying to do what her father would have wanted, to find homes for each and every kitty. It is easy to feel sympathy for Kay and her difficult situation, but what she needs is not our sympathy but our help.

Whether you know of a barn home that could take a couple of cats or if you have room in your own home for just one, please contact the Hundred Cat Foundation ( for information (a small adoption fee applies). You can also make a monetary donation to help defray the cost of caring for and/or transporting the cats through the Hundred Cat Foundation, PO Box 10, Centre Hall, PA 16828 or through PayPal at

Each cat will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, flea treated, de-wormed, and combo tested at an average cost of about $60/cat. Please include a note with your donation designating that it is for "Dad's Cats." Thank you!
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Victor in his plants
Originally uploaded by catherine_s
My little old man is gone. I'm not surprised, really; he has been definitely showing his age lately and in particular today. He was somewhere between three and four years old (I've had him for just over three years and he was probably at least six months old when I got him at the pet store), which is a quite respectable old age for bettas. It seems like it was pretty peaceful, resting on his favorite leaf perch. RIP, little guy.

Note to cat: You are now the only remaining pet; stop trying to tangle with the mama raccoon who comes up on the deck and outweighs you by quite a lot!


Apr. 13th, 2009 07:40 pm
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Obama and Bo
Pete Souza / The White House
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Like [ profile] pecunium says, the world needs more crazy like this.
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Dear lord, I needed this today:

They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy/Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN! *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing*

(Sidenote: to get rid of that annoying search bar when you embed a video, tack "&showsearch=0" to the end of the embed URL.)
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If you're in the Seattle area and are looking (or knows someone who is looking) to adopt a cat, Cherie Priest passed on information that for the rest of the month, the Seattle Humane Society is waiving the $80 adoption fee on all cats over one year old because they've got so many in care.


Jun. 26th, 2008 04:36 pm
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Handful of kitten
Originally uploaded by catherine_s
Cow orker found a tiny little kitten, probably only a day or so old and seemingly abandoned. It's currently here in the office, being cuddled and warmed up and fed.

Self, you do not want to argue with your landlord about having another cat. You also can't wake up to feed a kitten every three hours without being totally useless for other stuff. SRSLY. You can not has.
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If anybody in the LA area is willing to adopt one or more adult cats, please either drop a line to [ profile] oletheros or contact me and I'll pass along your info. He & his wife need to find homes for 8 adult cats ASAP.

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This series of photos just might need animating. ([ profile] mactavish, did you know about Woofstock? )
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Browsing Petfinder and ogling doggies that I unfortunately can't adopt, I ran across an organization called "Furry Suits Rescue". I gotta say, the immediate mental images were...interesting.

(YKIOKBINMK and all that.)

All that aside, look at how adorable this boy is!
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A "Dear Santa" letter from the National Zoo.

The National Zoo has posted a holiday wish list for enrichment items for the animals, from small things like Kong toys for the wolves and cheetahs and chew toys for the parrots to larger items like a slide and teeter totter for the otters or plastic kiddie pools for the small cats. You can either buy an item and bring it to the zoo by February 1, or you can make a donation so that zoo staff can purchase items. The wish list is here. (That slide is awesome, I'd love to watch the otters play on it. Heck, if I was half my height and a third my weight, I'd want to play on it. Unfortunately, that donation is a bit outside my budget right now.)


Oct. 16th, 2006 01:02 am
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Before taking off for my drive, I spent some time installing the antenna for my XM receiver; this involved some running of wire through the engine compartment and the open driver's side door. Once I had the wire threaded through, I got in the car and closed the door that had been open throughout this experiment. As I'm fiddling with the receiver, I catch something in my peripheral vision and think to myself "Huh? I'm sure I didn't leave any sort of stuffed animal in the car other than the Pirate Stitch in the back window." I turned around to find this little guy sitting in the back seat and asking where we were headed.


Kitty took a tour of the back seat, stood up and looked out a window or two, and helpfully sat still long enough for me to snap a picture to show [ profile] nminusone. Once I stopped laughing, I got out and opened the back door, and we hopped out and wandered off. Must've snuck in through the open door while I had my head under the hood. No idea who this cat belongs to, if anyone, but I see it around the neighborhood pretty often and it's quite friendly. Obviously. I'm not entirely convinced it belongs to anyone here, since there's no collar and its fur often seems a bit dirty. It seems reasonably well-fed underneath all the poof though, so maybe it lives somewhere around the block.
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The cute, it's overwhelming.

One day I'll have both something to say that isn't a link elsewhere and the energy to post it when I do. Sadly, there hasn't been much overlap lately.
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So, what do you think should be the official animal of Washington, DC? (With bonus Butterstick picture!) The comments so far are hysterical.

Giant pandas are by far the cutest option, but I think anyone who's ever spent any time in DC at night will agree that if you want to go with something native, you need to vote for the ROUS.
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[ profile] nminusone, can I have him, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase????
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So today's viewing of Tai Shan was not the most exciting ever. We hit naptime, apparently.

Small cute things are even cuter when they're in buckets )

Where was mama? )

All that eating is hard work )


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